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Top 6 Youth Football Fundraising Ideas

Football fundraisers are often geared towards kids, but the adults are the ones that will be donating. This means that there is a lot of lost profits due to kid-only fundraisers. Instead, here are great youth football fundraising ideas meant for adults and kids.

Wine Tasting

Obviously, youths will not be able to partake in the actual tasting of wine. Adults, however, will love to be able to taste wine from all of the state’s best wineries.

Wine tasting is easily able to draw in thousands of dollars when it is done correctly. This is not a spur of the moment event that can be a success with minimal planning. Instead, wineries will need to be contacted and venues sought to be able to taste the wine.

The goal is to allow for 3 – 4 months of planning to coordinate with all wineries and venues to make a profit. Now, you must begin the advertising phase wherein you will need to promote the event to the masses. Start with sending out fliers to teachers and parents. This can then be promoted online and further through word of mouth and through the wineries themselves.

Admission fees and commissions on any wine sold will be part of the profits made. If you like, add in a cheese bar and music.


Want to get rid of your kid for a day and actually make him or her part of the fundraiser? For many parents, this is a dream come true. Through rent-a-kid, it is possible to rent out your kid and do it to locals.

This is a rent-a-kid, or football player in this case, wherein the rental can include anything.
• Babysitting
• Yard work
• Chores
• Cleaning

People always want an extra pair of hands to help with chores or housework. Someone may pay $20 – $50 per kid or more depending on the time allotted for the rental.

Training Camp

Youth football players can help even younger players train. This is a great activity where the youths can feel more like an adult and train others who love the sport of football.

A small fee of $5 a person is all that is needed for the team to help younger kids perfect throws, formation and defensive strategies. Even passing and catching techniques can be taught wherein kids are able to teach their skills to another.

Awards Ceremony

Handing out awards to star players is not just a way to entice players to do their best. Awards are often very popular amongst the community and parents. This means that a ceremony can be held and donations can be solicited in the process. The goal is to explain that while the winners of the night are able to enjoy football, the team needs further funding to be able to expand the youth’s talents and opportunities.

Ceremonies can also include a full-fledged dinner. This can be done at a venue or it can be an outdoor barbeque wherein everyone is able to socialize and eat great food in the process.

Dunk the Players

Sometimes, kids are obnoxious or need a little reprimanding. While no one likes to have their child reprimanded by another person, this does not mean it cannot be done in a fun way.

Dunking contests are a great way to get back at the kid that made you go bald this season. Dunking is also a very fun way to end the season. Every player will be entering the dunk tank and parents and other players alike will have the chance to dunk the player.

Money for each turn is required and proceeds are obviously meant for the fundraiser. Parents and coaches should also be entered into the dunk tank so that everyone has a chance to be dunked and to make it a little fairer for the players involved.

Team Cleaning

Cleaning up the neighborhood is definitely a great option for all sport’s teams. Not only is this a way to help the local community, but it does allow for profits to be made in the process. As a team, players should be:

• Sent to parks, beaches and lakes as well as neighborhoods.
• A parent should be present with each group.
• Gloves should be worn.

Now, it is time to find any litter that is present and clean up the area. The goal is to clean up and find any bottles and cans that can be recycled. Many states will pay for these items and if you are not in a state that has a program that pays for cans, many metal scrapyards will pay.

The amount made is dependent on the total amount of weight for the cans. By placing all cans into plastic garbage bags, you can easily raise a thousand dollars in a weekend. Just remember to have a parent help with the transport using a truck or van.

Social Fundraising During the Holidays

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