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6 Ways to Use Social Persuasion in Marketing

There are many ways to convince a prospective customer or to woo potential leads. You can take the route of facts, statistics and technical jargons to make an impression. You can use your sales skills and try to convince a customer. You may bank on your pricing advantage by incorporating unique selling points, add programs, use referrals, offer complementary products, combine with others, and close the deal.

An understanding to the social psychology of consumers and commerce buyers to increase your engagement and brand awareness.

Psychology of Persuasion

While each of the aforementioned approaches has its share of magic and potency to make an impact, there is something called social persuasion that can do wonders for you. Social persuasion is not exactly a concept that the world of sales and marketing has come up with. It is a reality that has been explored in social sciences and psychology.

The Nature of Humans

Humans are naturally prone to do certain things because of the very innate nature that we have. When someone does something good for us, we feel obliged. We might thank them from the bottom of our heart but right there, at the very bottom of our heart, we know that we must repay the person or people in some way or the other. We always have this sense of acknowledging good and trying to match it up or do something even better. Likewise, if something bad is done to someone then she or he would remember that as well and be persuaded accordingly.

In 6 Secrets Of Social Persuasion, these are the kind of things that you would get to explore and learn. Good deeds by companies which tantamount to helping the customer would persuade them to return to that company or to buy that product again. Likewise, if they have a bad experience or one that was not rewarding then they are likely to be persuaded against the company, product or service.

The Elements of Social Persuasion

There are many other elements of social persuasion. There is the viral nature of good word of mouth or endorsements. When a section of a target audience starts to like a product, service or a brand, a significant chunk of the rest of the target audience would naturally like the product, service or brand. At least, the rest would think of giving it a try.

From initiating a chain reaction in the target audience to providing social proof that your brand, products or services are worthwhile, there are many secrets of social persuasion that you must master to grow your business.

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