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9 Keys to Achieving Your Goals and Resolutions Everytime


Every year passes by and a New Year dawns, bringing along with it a horde of desires and aspirations. Every individual thinks of achieving something or the other when the New Year is around. Perhaps billions of people around the world come up with New Year’s resolutions, only to not accomplish them.

The Ongoing Battle to Accomplish Resolutions

No matter what your resolution is, you should try and keep them. It has become somewhat of an Achilles’ heel for a huge majority of people who make resolutions. People fail to quit smoking. People fail to save money. Most people put on more weight instead of losing any shred of a pound. People fail consistently and with almost certainty to keep resolutions.

Reasons Why People Fail

There are many reasons why one fails. First, most people set themselves random goals which they have no intention of achieving. Second, people do not see through their lives that await them and thus are caught off guard when reality happens after all the drinking and partying. Most people decide on unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved quickly and thus they tend to lose the motivation to keep their resolutions. There are many reasons why people fail with their resolutions. From expectations that are too high to underestimating oneself, from lacking strategies to trying to be too conscious and aggressive initially and then quitting upon the slightest challenges, there are numerous factors that would come into play.

Your New Year’s Resolutions – 9 Steps To Set And Keep Them is a guide that would help you to set your resolutions and shall guide you to keep them as well. You need a well planned approach; you need to think about what is important, what you wish to do, how you would do it and most importantly why you should be doing it.

Life without a cause or purpose is futile. The same applies to resolutions. If you don’t know why you are doing something, you wouldn’t be doing it eventually. Far more women and men lose weight prior to their marriage than when they had made resolutions. That is because they get to see an end in sight. They have deadlines before marriage and the reason is simple, they wish to look good on their special day. People live up to their diets easily when they are about to date someone or like someone but the same motivation jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge when one is in a steady relationship.

There are more such realities that this info-graphic would bring you in sync with. Make resolutions this time and keep them.

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