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5 Best Bowling Fundraiser Ideas

Donating to charities or the local community can be a difficult task. Many people think that it may be impossible to raise money and have fun at the same time. Bowling groups or leagues can help raise money in a variety of unique ways.

If you are part of a bowling league, there are numerous bowling fundraiser ideas that can help you start to reel in donations.

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Glow in the dark bowling is a very popular bowling fundraiser idea. This bowling event will have participants bowling with the lights off and the lanes and furniture illuminated with glow sticks or candles.

This is a great way to bring in a lot of bowlers and the younger crowd will surely enjoy the event. The only difference with this type of idea is that the bowling alley must be willing to donate the proceeds to charity and go along with the glow in the dark atmosphere.

50/50 Day Tournament

A 50/50 day tournament is a great way to raise donations. These events are going to bring in bowlers from across the state simply because 50 percent of the money collected will be given to the tournament winner.

The way that this tournament works is that every participant will be charged an entry fee. This fee will go into the winner’s pot wherein 50 percent of all entry fees will be given to charity and the other 50 percent will be given to the tournament’s winner.

The best way to advertise this type of fundraiser is to ask to be able to promote the event at other local bowling alleys. Oftentimes, these competitors will come together to promote the fundraiser, and they may even become an event sponsor. This will allow each respective bowling alley to promote themselves as well as the fundraiser.

Corporate Lane Sales

Many corporations are looking for a way to boost company moral as well as philanthropy efforts. These companies will love when a package is put together to meet their specific needs. Corporate lane sales are a great way to bring in donations and they work very well.

The goal is to sell an entire lane to a corporation for the day or weekend. During this time, food and drinks are provided for free. There will be a limit on how much food is provided, but the typical lane sale will include:

• Bowling fee
• Shoe rental
• Food

This is often sold at a higher price than normal and oftentimes the corporation will not even show up to the event. This can raise several thousands of dollars in just one weekend. The goal is to bring in corporate sales that are much higher priced. As long as limits are put in place for the amount of food and time allotted to the lane, this will be a very profitable fundraiser.


A marathon of bowling is a very popular choice among fundraisers. These events allow people to secure pledges that will essentially be donations on part of the bowler. This can be confusing at first, but let’s look at how this works.

• A bowler asks friends, family or their employer to pledge money for each hour they bowl.
• If a pledgee says that they will pledge 10 dollars per hour and a bowler bowls for 5 hours, the pledgee will have to pay 50 dollars.

These events are very popular because bowling alleys love to promote them and the community loves to come out and support those that are bowling the day away.

Ideally, a bowling alley will donate lanes for the cause which means that there is no overhead involved for the fundraiser. Instead, all of the proceeds will be donated to the charity.

Bowling Fair

Who says that bowling alleys have to be boring? A bowling fair will allow guests to bowl the night away and do so with more than just lined up pins. Fairs will include:

• Clowns and magicians for kids and adults alike.
• Caricatures from local artists.
• Food can be included that is outside of what is served at the snack bar.
• A local DJ can be invited to make the experience even more unique.

A fair can include anything. The goal is for all of the little extras to be donated to the cause. A great selling point is that those that provide their services for free will be able to promote their services to a wider audience.

Oftentimes, DJs, artists, magicians and the like will find that a fundraiser has allowed them to propel their business further.

Bowling fundraiser ideas are large in numbers. The key is to find a bowling alley that will donate their alley for the cause to keep costs down. Oftentimes, picking a slow day or a slower time is all that is needed for a bowling alley to agree to provide free lanes and shoes for the event.

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