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9 Holy Love Messages

Holy love messages are written to help people partake in a spiritual journey that leads to holiness. Pilgrimages are performed to guide those down a path of healing and spiritual alertness. The following holy love messages will help to encourage your growth and spiritual uplifting.

A leader who wields his power towards self-gain is corrupt. Corruption is the hallmark of the loss of salvation.

Do not think that I stress these errors in excess. I speak often on this topic to convict the hearts of the guilty and to correct the heart of the world.

Do such people of high regard in the world promote unity through Holy Love, or cause confusion and division? In the Spirit of Truth, all should be one – working together.

I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.

Leaders must use their influence to unite in the Truth, not to mislead in compromised Truth. Any time a Truth is misrepresented, you have a leader out of control.

Mankind can predict when the sun will rise and set, the schedule of planes coming and going, but he cannot predict the moment and hour of his accountability before Me. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready at all times – that your heart be free of iniquity and prepared in Holy Love. This is the sum total of Heaven’s intervention here. I desire each one’s salvation.

My telling you these things does not change anything. It is your free-will actions, based on what I tell, which will change erroneous hearts.

Only the foolhardy would fail to see this and oppose Me. Holy Love is the treasure chest which holds the treasure of your salvation. The key that unlocks the treasure chest is your free will. The time to unlock the treasure is every present moment. This is how to be prepared.

That which is deep in My Heart, that which has changed My Sacred Heart into My Mournful Heart, is causing the loss of souls and the loss of freedom in the world. Specifically, today, I address the gross abuse of authority which compromises the Truth to gain advantage.

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