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5 Keys to Super Productivity


Do you ever feel as if you’re constantly working but never getting anything done? The key to being productive is to achieve what you want as quickly and effectively as possible. If you find that this is a challenge for you, consider these 5 simple tips used by leaders and entrepreneurs for getting more done and being more productive despite an already busy schedule.

1. Focus, focus, focus.

When working on a project, focus on that project alone. Pick one thing to get done and focus intently on that project, giving it all your mental energies. Don’t jump between emails or try to juggle two things at once. Giving a project your sole focus is how you get your best work done.

2. Drive out the distractions.

Along with focusing, you need to be downright ruthless when it comes to eliminating distractions. In the office, shut your door and let the clerical staff know you’re not to be interrupted for the next hour. Set a clock for how long you’ll work on something before checking emails or returning phone calls. This is how you actually get things done in that time!

3. Limit your meeting times.

One successful CEO reports that he gives people half the time they ask for when scheduling meetings, and other successful companies set a strict schedule for meetings as well. This makes people get to the point and cover the basics without wasting time on non-essentials.

4. Develop rituals and habits.

If you develop positive habits that help you to get work done and drive away distractions, these can be of tremendous benefit when it comes to your productivity. Your habits and rituals will allow you to become more productive without having to think and stress about how you’ll accomplish more.

5. Start earlier.

Most successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs start their day at 6:00 a.m., as this allows them to work and accomplish more before they’re distracted and before they run out of energy at night. If mornings are a struggle for you, try getting up just a few minutes earlier each day until you can more easily keep this early routine. Have a list of easy things you can accomplish in the morning while you’re still waking up. This too will help you to make the most out of each hour in the day so you’re more productive and accomplish more.

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