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88 Useful Words of Praise

People tend to become more productive and motivated when they receive words of praise and appreciation for their work. The below compilation of useful words of praise serve as the perfect types of examples to the types of phrases you can use.

A+ Work
Amazing Effort
Extra Special Work
Fantastic Work
Far Out
First Rate
Good For You
Hard Worker
Hooray For You
How Artistic
How Extraordinary
How Thoughtful Of You
I Can’t Get Over It
I Knew You Had It In You
It Couldn’t Be Better
It’s Everything I Hoped For
Keep Up The Good Work
Nice Going
Spectacular Work
Super Job
Terrific * You Tried Hard
Thanks For Caring
Thanks For Helping
That’s Incredible
The Time You Put In Really Shows
Thumbs Up
Totally Involved
Unbelievable Work
Very Brave
Very Good
Very Impressive
Way To Go
Well Done
What A Genius
What A Great Idea
What An Imagination
You Came Through
You Deserve A Hug
You Made It Happen
You Made The Difference
You Should Be Proud Of Yourself
Your Help Counts
You’re #1
You’re A Champ
You’re A Great Example For Others
You’re A Joy
You’re A Pleasure To Know
You’re a Real Trooper
You’re A Shining Star
You’re A Winner
You’re Amazing
You’re A-Okay
You’re Appreciated
You’re Inspiring
You’re Neat
You’re On Target
You’re Sensational
You’re Sharp
You’re So Kind
You’re Special
You’re Super
You’re The Best
You’re The Greatest
You’re Tops
You’re Unique
You’re Very Talented
You’ve Earned My Respect
You’ve Got It
You’ve Got What It Takes
You’ve Outdone Yourself

Offering words of praise and encouragement can prove to be financially beneficial in the workplace. The reality for many businesses is that their employees do not feel appreciated and become dissatisfied with their work. Suffering from disengaged can cost companies billions each year in lost productivity. The following infographic provides the statistics and facts regarding under appreciated employees.

The Power of Praise with Others

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