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11 Holiday Party Save the Date Wording Ideas

Planning a Holiday party is not easy feat. You have to gather the names of those you wish to invite, plan a desired theme, order the food, and decide on a location. To help provide enough notice to your guests while you are orchestrating the details, sending a holiday party save the date card will let them place this event on their calendar. The below examples are perfect for those that are privately planning a party to a business reception.

Christmas comes but once a year, let’s get together for some holiday cheer. Save the date for this years Christmas Party hosted by [host name] on [date]. Formal invitation to follow.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without you in our home. Please save the date for [host name] Annual Holiday Party. [date]. More details to follow.

May the warmth of hearth and home fill your hearts with joy this holiday season. Please save the date for our Merry Holiday Gathering on [date].

Please join us for a little bubbly and good cheer to toast the holidays this coming year. Save the date for [date] at [time].

Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Bring a white elephant gift to exchange.

Save the date for [name] 5th Annual Holiday Party, [day of week and date]. Formal invitation to follow.

Save the date for our Gingerbread Holiday Party on [date]. Formal invitation to follow.

Save the date. Annual holiday party, [day of week], [date]. Details to follow.

Save the date. President and [host name] cordially invite you and your guest to the Holiday Reception for [company name] employees. [date] Watch for more details.

Save the Date. You are cordially invited to our Annual Christmas Party on [date]. Formal Invitation and details to follow.

The decorations are up, there’s snow on the ground. Now all we need is good neighbors gathered around. Please save the date for our Annual Holiday Gathering on [date]. Details to follow.

You’re invited for some holiday cheer to celebrate this special time of year. Save the Date for [date]. Hosted by [name].

The below infographic provides some important information to know when it comes to planning a an alcohol service for social and holiday gatherings. Knowing how much to serve and ensuring your guests are of age to receive alcohol are vitally important to having a safe event. Serving food during the event will help to discourage intoxication and slow the absorption of alcohol. This and many other important facts can be found below.

Planning Alcohol Service for a Holiday Party

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