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7 Ways to Get More User Generated Content


For artists, a fan base is everything. For companies, consumer base is everything. Without a fan base or consumer base, artists or companies will find no foothold and thus would cease to have significance or any relevance. Whether it is through the quality of products or advertising campaigns, every business aims at forming a fan base and then tries to consolidate it. Thereon, efforts are made to increase the fan base. While there are direct rewards of a large fan base including sales and referrals, brand image and value of the company, there are some indirect advantages as well. One of the greatest gifts a fan base can offer a company is user generated content.

There is no substitute of user generated content. It is inexpensive, helpful and trustworthy. More importantly, the general audience and the giants like Google love user generated content. People are more likely to trust user generated content than professional reviews or advertising and promotional claims. Google is going to reward the user generated content more than the content created by a company.

The general audience knows that professional reviews can be biased, in favor or against. They also know that advertising claims are always a little or largely hyped. Google too knows that user generated content is organic and also unique in its own ways. A person is more likely to trust an unsuspecting review of a product on Amazon or a video that has been shared by a million people than a review in a magazine from an expert or a video being aired on prime time television by the virtue of a million dollars.

How To Get Fans Creating & Sharing Content For You is an info-graphic that will not just introduce you but also give you an idea to go ahead and to pursue your fans or customers so they get enticed enough to create and share content for you. Not every company will get dedicated fans like the Beatles had or Robert Downey Jr. has. Thus, it may not always be possible to have a fan base generate some content on their accord. At times, the fans need a bit of motivation, some inspiration or at least a sense of purpose and reward to take the initiative. From coupons to discounts, event tickets to being featured in some way, there are many ways to get your fan base enticed enough to create and share content.

But you should exercise enough caution to not make it obvious that the fans are being enticed to generate content for you. If a fan base realizes that there is some concerted or planned attempt to get them to generate content, they would become disinterested and may even be offended with the initiative. People write reviews on Amazon because they want to let their opinions known and they wish to help others. They don’t write reviews to help Amazon. If Amazon starts to make it obvious that they need more reviews or certain types of contents, then people will get disinterested.

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