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6 Keys to Getting More Instagram Likes


Instagram is the hottest site right now. It was experiencing phenomenal growth when Facebook acquired the site and even thereafter the growth spree seems to be unhindered. While Facebook remains to be the largest social network and Twitter continues to dominate as a social media site, Instagram has carved out its own niche, growing from strength to strength.

Businesses of all kinds are using Instagram like never before. There have been some very positive developments and companies from various industries have been benefited in more ways than one simply because of their concerted presence and focus on Instagram. At such a time, Instagram Stats or The Science of Instagram is a quintessential info-graphic that you need to explore.

To use Instagram or any other social media site, you need to know what works and what doesn’t work. Without that knowledge, you can keep on investing your money, energy, effort and resources and yet achieve nothing significant. Alternately, you can study the Instagram stats and acquaint yourself with the apparent dos and don’ts on the site. Knowledge has no substitute and nothing speaks the truth like statistics.

Instagram Stats is a very scientific take on what’s happening on the site, what’s working and what should be done by companies to gain traction through the social media platform.

There are some very simple truths or facts that have emerged while deciphering the science of Instagram. For instance, more tags would get you more likes and comments. When social media was in its nascent stages, people would tag only those who were relevant. Today, after having tagged many people, it is often considered to be offensive to tag people who are not relevant to the post or not an attendee to the event or present in an image. That is a myth, as is clearly established by the fact that more tags will entice more people to like the picture and also comment on it.

Likewise, another truth has emerged that filters don’t work on Instagram. Images with fancy filters are less likely to draw attention and even if they do turn a few sets of eyes, it would be unwarranted as people are not interested in weird filters. Images with no filters get the maximum attention and subsequent traction.

There are many more such revelations that you would learn from the info-graphic. Explore it now before you post something new on the site. It would be futile for you to continue your posting strategy if it is not getting you the desired results.

Instagram has become a site where millions of images are posted every day and to emerge as a popular post amidst that is any day a big challenge. Every minute element of every post needs to be strategically planned. While you will certainly use the tips shared in the info-graphic to amend your strategy hereon, it may also be rewarding to redo the posts you have already published. The kinds of content you have posted in the past should not be allowed to remain as they are. They can be redone to have a desired impact in the future.

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