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125 Funny Fitness Challenge Team Names

Participating in a fitness challenge can help you lose weight, regain health, and increase energy. An estimated 80% of your body’s composition is determined by what you eat. Consuming healthy fats, vegetables, and sensible indulgences can help you stay on track. Your carbohydrate intake should be aligned with your weight goal while participating in some sort of physical exercise. The following compilation of fitness challenge team names will help you to organize and coordinate your own weight loss team that works together and is motivated and diligent in making their goals become a reality.

2 Fast 2 Furious
Agony of De Feet
Badunkadunk Busters
Belly Bailout
Belly Dumpers
Belly Flat
Better Naked
Bod Squad
Booty Busters
Born to Lose
Bubble Butts
Caboose Cutters
Chubby No More’s
Chunky Monkeys
Coast Busters
Company Cupcakes Cutting down
Cruisin’ for Losin’
Cupcakes Anonymous
Cut the Caboose
Dead Men Running
Die Lard
Diminishing Returns
Disappearing Dames
Dixies Midnight Runners
Drop It Now
Dude, where’s my gut?
Dump Your Rump
Dwindling Divas
Dwindling Expectations
Estrogen Express
Excess Baggage
Extreme Makeover – Booty Edition
Fatties No More
Going the Distance
Good Bye Lovehandles
Got Fat
Got The Runs
Gut Busters
Guts to Dust
Gym Class Heroes
Head Over Meals
Heart Monitors
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Insomniacs with Running Problems
Iron Maidens
It Figures
Journey to Lose
Let it Melt
Let’s Lose the Caboose
Little Steps of Hope
Lovehandle Losers
Masters of the Gym
Mission Slimpossible
Muffin Abductors
Muffin Top Stoppers
My So Called Legs
New Creations
New Dimension
No Mo Junk in da Trunk
Not Larch by March
Nutin’ To It
Operation Narrow Waiste
Out Of Shape
Pair-A-Thighs Lost
Pound Droppers
Relay Racers
Run Track Minds
Running On Empty
Sassy by Summer
Say No to Ticking Health Time Bombs
Scale Tippers
Skinny Bou’s
Skinny Dippers
Skinny Jeans Team
Skinny Minnies
Skinny Up
Slim Pancakes
Slim Pickens
Sole Trainers
Speed Racers
Spin Doctors
Spongebob Slowpants
Starvin Six
Take Off
Target Weigh-less
Team Godspeed
Team McSlim
The Losemore Fam
The Meltaways
The Shredders
The Slims
The Trots
The Twinkie Defense
The Waist Watchers
Thick n Thin
Thin to Win
Thinning the Herd
This Just Thin
Toe Jammers
Tons of Fun
Top Heavy
Twisted Blisters
Unpacking the Trunk
Waist Basket
Waist Removal
Waist Watchers
Waisting Away
Weapons of Mass Reduction
Weigh to Go
Weight Strippers
Weight Warriors
Winning Losers
Workout Wonders
Your Loss

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Participating in some form of exercise such as push-ups, squats, and planks will help you to increase strength, endurance, and energy. Improve your sleep quality by receiving at least 8 hours of sleep a night and attempt to be exposed to 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day. Be sure to play and have some fun. The below infographic offers some insight to the process of participating in a 21 day fitness challenge.

21 Day Challenge

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