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What Does Your Car Color Say About Your Personality?


Are you flashy? Are you timid? What if a color could describe who you are? Beware the color of your car-it may be telling everyone who you really are no matter what you were thinking when you decided “I want the red one (or the blue one or the green one). 93 percent of car buyers say that the most important characteristic of their vehicle is the color.

What the Survey Says

Even if you don’t admit it to your friends, you may have confessed in an anonymous survey the color of the car is the reason you bought it. Eighty-five percent of people surveyed said so! The experts at Motor Quick tell us all kinds of things that about the colors of our cars, and what they say about us!

Folks who drive red cars are said to be craven pardon the pun, because they are considered energetic, dynamic and have a certain lust for life. Red roses are sometimes say to express lust as well. Hmmm??? Pink by contrast, means you are gentle and loving. That’s a bit disturbing. How often do you see pink cars? Other than the iconic pink Cadillac, we have hardly even heard of one.

Blue cars suggest confidence in a quiet sort of way, meaning the type of person who is dependable. Green also speaks of trustworthiness, but of course, if the color experts mean what they say than the driver of a green car is more prone to traditional neurosis and has a tendency to get hysterical upon occasion but overall, is balanced and lively.

Black cars seen to be reserved for executive types, as it suggest being empowered and professional. Elegance is on the list but is more debatable. Silver says cool, elegant and futuristic. Grey falls in between the two and says you’re calm, sober and career driver-potentially you’ll graduate to black? Brown or beige says you’re reliable and down to earth, pragmatic. Perhaps you’ll never be an executive.

Are you young at heart? Maybe you drive a yellow car! That’s what Motor Quick says is the color of choice for folks who are upbeat, intelligent and young at heart, But if you’re really not afraid to be unique, you may be bold enough to pick purple for your next automobile. There are very few purple cars on the road, but that doesn’t mean we’re not a creative culture. Maybe the colors people want just aren’t offered as often as they want them, so we’re forced to drive something that we’ll never quite be us!

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