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69 Awesome Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasion can help an individual to receive a specific response or action based on what they say. The best way to persuade someone is to be well versed in your topic, research the audience and perception of the topic being presented, and create a strategy. This is important in ensuring your points and opinions are being received and avoids obstacles from a lack of understanding. Remain focused and coherent on the topic being sure to answer any potential questions you may receive. The following variety of persuasive speech topics are intended to inspire you to do your research and generate a persuasive viewpoint from one side or other other.

Affirmative action
Alcoholics Anonymous
Animal testing
Arranged marriages
Best movie ever
Bilingual education
Boycott certain products
Breast feeding
Cell phones in cars
Censorship of prime time shows
censorship of songs on the radio
Cost of tuition
Disneyland or Disneyworld
Donate blood
Drug testing on the job
Drunk driving laws
English as our official language
Ford vehicles
Free speech area on campus
Go Green
Gun control
Immigrant laws
Indian gaming
Legalizing marijuana
Mac or PC’s
Mandatory drug testing
Minimum wage
Miss American pageant
Morning after pill
Natural family planning
No more fraternities
No soda in schools
Online classes
Organ donation
Over population
Partial birth abortions
Pit bulls
Reality TV
Red light cameras
Reverse discrimination
Salary caps for athletes
Same sex marriage
School dress codes
School standards
Sex education
Sexism in advertising
Socialized medicine
Spanking children
Spay or neuter pets
Surrogate mothers
Title IX
TV violence
Vegetarian lifestyle
Welfare reform
Women in combat
Women in politics
Women ministers
Women’s rights

The below infographic outlines an example and template for changing your approach to use persuasive and attract a viewer to purchase a specific product or service. Using the power of persuasion is an integral part of sales and marketing and is found in everyday life. How a product or good is presented can make all the difference in increasing profits.

Tips for Persuasive Speaking

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