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12 Secrets of People that Have Lived to the Age of 100


Read this if you want to live long. So many products are sold with that pitch. But what if you were to focus on what types of people live long and what they do and don’t don as opposed to that they eat or what pills they take? At least 65 super centenarians are alive in the world today-that means people over 100 years old; this number is officially validated, the estimates are much higher and those say at least 65 super centenarians are alive in the US alone and that there could be over 400 living in the world as a whole.

What Makes a Super Centenarian Tick

What makes a super centenarian tick? Well, lots of things seem to have contributed to their sustained longevity. Good genes are a contributing factor, but there are plenty of other factors that have contributed to success in longevity that re not hard to find or of any particular expense. There is no universal formula for longevity, hence the reason people keep dying at all different ages. But most super centenarians throughout the ages have shares things in common.

Religion’s Influence

Belief in God. No one is trying to tell you who God is, or even if God is actually a Goddess, or who can be called God’s son or daughter. But is a known fact that folks who believe in God sincerely, regardless of who they think God is, have lived longer than those who haven’t and all those who broke the century mark have had a strong belief in God and some form of consistent stability of religious beliefs.

Sense of Purpose and Belonging

Having a sense of purpose also bolsters longevity, it has been found. How happy are you when you feel lost or out of place? A sense of purpose means you feel a sense of belonging. That feeling is further boosted by sincere social connections with friends and family. True friends make you happy and comfortable. It doesn’t matter who they are or where they came from, if your connection to them is real, you feel a sense of belonging, purpose and solidarity that keeps you from questioning your own self-worth.

When You Were Born

Other factors shared by super centenarians include the fact that they were born in fall, had younger mothers and leaned toward plant-based diets. Super centenarians of record are found on every continent except Africa and Australia. No factors are universal. After all, we shouldn’t smoke, but the oldest super centenarian on record, Jean Calment, died in 1997 at the age of 122, and smoked for over 100 years.

The only dominant factor may be gender. Sorry, guys, but of the 65 confirmed, living super centenarians in the world today, 63 are women.

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