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8 Ways to Utilize User Generated Video Content


8 Ways to Use User Generated Video

In today’s market, videos generated by users is gaining popularity by the day. The possibilities of UGV (User Generated Videos) are enormous. Here are some ways this can help your business.

1. Video Testimonial

This is an easy easy way to add credibility and increase the conversation rate reason being is that it is difficult to fake, it has a high persuasive level, and offers true credibility. Over time, it has been discovered that over 70% of recommendations come from total strangers.

2. Product Reviews

Take advantage of this and give your customers the opportunity of giving valued feedback. Contributors can be rewarded with an incentive. Here are some benefits of product reviews: It adds social proof, improves customer services, and it can be used in your marketing strategy.

3. Video Contest

By generating a social buzz, you can provide a platform to allow clients talk about your brand. These can be captured and spread to create awareness about the brand. It can be accessed anywhere resulting in more brand awareness. It also generates high users awareness as compared to non video contests.

4. Support & Customer Care

By using customer care, you give people the platform to express their challenges and get results as soon as possible. Develop a personal communication channel with your clients, providing an extra communication path can go a long way.

5. HR Recruiting

Through online video recruitment, you can connect faster with people from all over the world. This reduces the application and selection process, transmission of instant quality messages, these videos can be shared with hiring managers,

6. Classified Adverts Websites

Giving visitors the options of adding a video instead of a photo can provide additional value. With the popularity of smartphones, this is very possible.

7. Events

With the use of smartphones and mobile devices, users can record and upload events to social media sites. This helps to keep memories alive after the events have passed. It drives interest around speakers, sessions, and promotions for the next event. Through the use of QR codes, smartphones can provide links with the entire world.

8. Point of Sale

At the point of sale, more in store traffic can be generated by organizing a video content in your store. Allow people to share a video or picture in your store. This will generate more clients for your store, your customers become your ambassadors and you can provide a connection between offline point of sales and online technology.

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