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How to Use Twitter to Find Sales Leads


How To Tell If You Have A Hot Or Cold Lead On Twitter

Find out if you have more than 15 followers. If the answer is yes, than find out if you have more than 50 tweets. If no, find out if you have sent out more than 50 tweets. If you answered to both questions above are No, forget it.

If you answered yes, find out if the user has Justin Beiber mentioned in their biography. If yes, find out how they write their tweets. If no, check if the tweet indicates a call for help, recommendation, support, information, and prices. If not, forget it.

If yes, check if the tweets reference your brand competitor. If no, this is a warm lead. Start with a soft sell. If yes, is the tweet directed at your account. If yes, how recent was the tweet? What is within the last 48 hours? If yes, close the sale. But if the tweet was not directed at your account, start a friendly conversation with the person.

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