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8 Unique Qualites of a Successful Entrepreneur and Businessman

8 Unique Qualites of a Successful Entrepreneur and Businessman

Going From Dirt Poor To Being A Billionaire Takes One Thing – Work

You may not know it but seventy-three percent of the world’s billionaires started life poor. Many of the most well known companies owned by the richest people in the world were started by people who never went to college or who never finished.

Starting Off Poor

Poor means poor. Thirty-six percent of the world’s billionaires were orphans raised in orphanages or foster homes. The majority of the world’s billionaires did not inherit money from their parents because their parents were dirt poor.

Most of the most wealthy people in the world today began their working life in low paid jobs and what most people would consider menial positions.

So you may be asking yourself how these relatively uneducated people got so rich.

Work Hard

The key to every super rich entrepreneur and business mogul in today’s world is simple work. Sweat equity in your business and a superior work ethic drove the majority of the uber riche to be successful.

There is no magic, no special gift, or superior talent that can replace hard work and determination if you want to get rich.

The talents and assets that most of the most wealthy people in the world had to get where they are and to stay where they are the willingness to take great risks, the ability to see money making opportunities, the willingness to try different things until one succeeds enormously, finding the right deal at the right time, and the ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities that other people do not see.

No one gets to be a billionaire over night.

Taking Risks

Risk taking is the key to getting rich. Putting everything you own into a new idea, your own new idea, a scientific, medical, or technological breakthrough takes a lot of guts. Risking it all on new ideas has created the majority of the billionaires living today.

You must be willing to look for opportunities. This may mean trying more than a few new ideas or new concepts before you find that one idea that will work for you. One deal can change your life and financial future. Most billionaires got their break by finding that one life changing deal.

Have Good Timing

Timing is crucial. You have to keep at it until the right opportunity comes along. The right opportunity never just pops up. You have to be determined to succeed and keep putting the work and sweat into finding the money making business that works.


Investments are a mainstay of most billionaire’s success. Buying companies that are failing and turning them around made more than one person a billionaire. Investing in the right company during bad economic times is another of the most successful “tricks” that billionaires in the making have used to get where they are today.

Never Quit

Once you own a money maker you cannot quit working. You must keep involved with the business directly, get to know your employees at all levels of the operation, and hire competent knowledgeable managers. You cannot just sit and depend on your managers to do the job for you. You must stay actively and directly involved in every aspect of your operation.

Most billionaires work twelve to sixteen hour days after they get rich. That is the key to their success – work.

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