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7 Ways to Work Less and Make More


Tired of the same old routine? Think there might be an easier way to get your work done? You might be right. Here are some proven ways that you can begin to work smarter instead of harder each day to improve your productivity.

1) Invest in High Returns.
Focus on your highest priorities every day by investing your time into the tasks which produce the most results for you every day. Never assume that your top priorities will be the same every day. Try to put your resources into the 20% of your responsibilities that produce 80% of the results you achieve.

2) Find Your Time Wasters.
Get rid of what distracts you while you are working. Shut down your email. Turn off social media notifications. Turn the TV off. You might also try using a time tracking tool to see where there might be hidden time wasters in your daily schedule.

3) Create an Outline.
Don’t rely on your memory to get things done. Use a to-do list every day instead. Whether you use a calendar, a whiteboard, or notes that you stick to a computer is up to you. By creating lists or making an outline of what needs to be done, you’ll stay organized. Being organized saves you time.

4) Take a Break.
It might seem like you’d be more productive if you kept working for 4 hours straight before taking a lunch. It is not. After long periods of extended productivity, your energy levels go down. Lower energy means lower productivity. Try to take two 5-minute breaks per hour. Stretch out the legs. Take a quick walk. Get some water. Just get away from your desk.

5) Automate Repetitive Tasks.
If there are some things that you do every day in the same way, then try to automate them. You can automate email responses, shopping errands, and many other areas of sales, marketing, and social media today.

6) Repurpose Items.
Every bit of content you produce should be able to be used again. Turn a blog post into a podcast. Turn a podcast into an email marketing campaign. Look for ways you can bring this lesson into your workplace too.

When we work smarter instead of harder, our productivity levels can go through the roof. How do you think you could be more productive today?

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