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9 Shocking Statistics on Financial Infidelity in Marriage


Explore Your Financial Infidelity Today

Are you currently in a committed relationship or marriage? Do you often times find yourself keeping financial information away from your significant other? Are you married but insist on keeping your personal bank account? Are you totally against having a joint bank account with your spouse or significant other? These questions are often times the same types of questions that linger through your mind or your spouses’ mind. If so, set yourself free from financial infidelity.

What is Financial Infidelity?

Financial Infidelity? Yes, it does exist. The effects of financial infidelity tend to be just as damaging and destructive as sexual infidelity.

Trust and honesty are key components to any lasting relationship or marriage. These expectations should not only be valued when it comes to your sexual relations. In fact, you need to be able to trust your partner with your finances as well. Approximately 63% of men and 70% of women believe that honesty and openness regarding your money is just as important as remaining monogamous within your relationship or marriage.

Reasons Why

Why do you tend to keep money related information from your significant other? Are money secrets beginning to consume your relationship? Do you believe that your partner is purposely concealing important financial information from you? Or are you withholding your financial information from your partner? You are in the same position as 34% of men and women who have kept money secrets from their partner at some point in time during their relationship or marriage.

Why do people insist on keeping or hiding their finances from their partner or spouse? Many people keep money secrets because they disagree with their partner in regards to how and where to spend it. So, in order to avoid such disagreements people tend to keep their finances discrete regardless of whether they’re in a committed relationship or not. 22% of husbands and wives have made purchases they didn’t want their partner to know about; 35% of those who hid purchases kept quiet to avoid a lecture.

Are you addicted to shopping? Does your significant other have a shopping addiction? Do you find yourself hiding your purchase of clothing or other things from your partner? About 32% of women and 17% of men hide purchases from their partner.


Are you so adamant about hiding your finances from your partner that you often resort to lying? More than 25% of women and about 8% of men said they would lie and say that something is old when it actually was a new purchase. In addition, women are 50% more likely to hide purchases or receipts from their partner than their male counterparts. This exemplifies the extent to which people will go in order to keep their financial information away from their partner.

Since financial infidelity is just as important to both men and women as sexual infidelity, it is important to explore and understand why people often partake in financial infidelity. Explore financial infidelity today.

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