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11 Developer Statistics and Trends on HTML5


The Platform Preference Of Global Developers

Since both desktop and mobile websites are taking over, global developers have ranked HTML5 as the greatest cross-platform development. A survey of more than 5,000 software developers and technology executives from all around the world was conducted in January of 2013. Data collected from these surveys states that HTML5 tops Native.

Who Uses HTML5

What developers actually use HTML5? Developers from all around the globe utilize HTML5. In fact, developers in North America, South America, Africa, and Australia use HTML5 at a rate of 70%, 61%, 50%, and 60% respectively. About 1 in 7 of web developers were self-employed in 2014. Non-self-employed developers work primarily in the computer systems design and related services industry.

HTML5 is comprised of various types of apps. Productivity, utility, consumer, LOB, and social networking are the main types of apps built with HTML5. Other apps include entertainment, lifestyle, travel, games, and other miscellaneous apps.

Best Web Based Technologies

The most significant modern web based technologies include forms and validation. Approximately 32% of developers believe forms and validations is the utmost up to date web technology in the world. Data based technologies trails as 31% of developer’s state that data such as WebSQL and IndexedDB is just as important. CSS flexible layout including flexbox, grid, multi-column, regions is used by 26% of developers. Similarly global developers also tend to utilize real-time communications, web components, CSS transforms and transitions, as well as ECMAScript 6 at a rate of 24%, 21%, 17%, and 15% respectively.

About 29% of global developers spend a majority of their time creating and developing the same app or feature for multiple platforms. Which platform is the best? Since HTML5 is ranked #1 in cross-platform development, HTML5 is the first choice when it comes to building apps and features for multiple mobile platforms. Approximately 36% are mobile web apps, 32% are hybrid apps, and 15% are native apps.

Understanding HTML5

Is HTML5 extremely exaggerated to excite the public’s interest? Let’s take a minute to help separate the hype that arises from HTML5 with reality. Nearly 24% of global developers believe HTML5 is over exaggerated. On the other hand, 78% of respondents believe that HTML5 is very useful for building mobile web apps while 68% of participants feel as though HTML5 is important for all developers.

Although some platforms are fairly easy to work with, other platforms are extremely difficult. The most difficult platforms for app developers are Blackberry and Apple iOS. Other slightly challenging platforms include Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone 8, and Microsoft Windows 8. However despite some of the demands and grueling strenuous issues that come up the most interesting platforms include Windows 8, Chrome OS, Firefox OS, Blackberry 10, and Tizen OS.

Now app developers are focused on desktop apps, mobile apps, and tablet apps. As the market becomes more educated on the various platforms, HTML5 will continue to play a significant role in cross-platform software development.

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