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7 Realities About ENTP and INFP Relationship Compatibility

Getting to know someone can be a long and exciting process, but it always begins with an initial interaction. In many cases, it is this first interaction that determines the direction of the relationship and sets it up for success or failure in the long run.

You won’t be able to understand someone’s entire personality in the first few moments of meeting them but understanding their personality and how they could interact with you will be a huge help. Let’s take a loom at 7 realities about ENTP and INFP relationship compatibility so you can be ready to understand how you can interact with others for new relationships.

1. Conflicting Initial Attraction
All relationships begin with a single interaction, and the feeling and emotions that are created here will determine how the rest of the relationship may grow. From the ENTP personality, they generally come off as blunter and more open than others that may be quite strong for some people to deal with.

The INFP personality, on the other hand, will often have a bit more energy that is driven by emotion and a desire to connect with others. This initial difference in attraction may be a small roadblock but overcoming it will lead to a strong and meaningful relationship.

2. Differing Drives and Values
The way we see the world and process how we want to act in it can all come down to our personality and values. For the ENTP personality, they tend to think about the world with a more logic and rational driven mindset that allows them to see the world with an efficiency-minded lense.

For the INFP personality, they like to see the world with a more humanitarian view that leads them to look for solutions that put people first. While both personalities want to better the world, they come at it from opposite sides of the spectrum and may have slight clashes.

3. Help to Offer Each Other Unique Perspectives
As we mentioned the different world views conflicting in the last point, there is still plenty of potential for growth in the relationship. The ENTP personality may be fairly cold and calculated to the outside eye, but having an INFP personality to help give them some humanity would be of great help.

The INFP personality loves to help and wants to see others succeed, but with some help from the ENTP personality, they can be more independent and make choices that benefit themselves as well as others.

4. Conversation Dynamic Will Be One-Sided at Times
Conversations are rarely ever a true exchange as one side tends to lead as the other person follows along. The ENTP personality uses their extroverted nature to talk and lead a conversation that makes them more suited to keep talking as the other person listens.

While the INFP is likely to enjoy having someone else do the talking, there needs to be a certain dynamic that allows both parties to share without feeling constricted or forced.

5. Emotional Communication May Differ
Many people find it very difficult to communicate their true emotions with ease, and these two are no exception. The ENTP personality is often described as a little cold or harsh as they tend to say things as they are and aren’t afraid to hurt feelings with the truth.

INFP personalities seek a sense of balance with their emotions and can often look over issues that need addressing for the sake of maintaining stability. Finding a way to communicate emotions effectively for this relationship will be crucial.

6. Both Want to Improve the World
Having a shared sense of wanting to help can often overshadow many other difficulties in the relationship. For these two personalities, they both feel a drive and desire to help the world in their own unique ways.

The ENTP looks for business and scientific advances to help people while the INFP looks to be hands-on and working with people for a better world. Regardless, a shared sense of wanting to help will keep these two together.

7. Rely on Different Energies
The energy that drives a relationship is often different for both partners as not all people harness energy the same way. For the ENTP personality, they are extroverted in nature and rely on being social and outgoing to get their energy.

The INFP personality is the opposite as they look for alone time and silence to regenerate. Accommodating each other’s energy needs will go a long way in this relationship.


On paper, there may seem to be very little that combines these two relationships. However, these 7 realities about ENTP and INFP relationships highlight that there is much more to a relationship than what would appear to be on the surface level.

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