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7 Most Used Website Analytics Tools


What Can Analytics Tell You?

Knowing how people are browsing your website’s pages can tell you a lot about what you need to do with content. Average time on a website is lower than it ever has been before and bounce rates are averaging about 50%. If someone bounces from your site, there’s an 80% chance that they’ll never come back to your site again. This means it is more critical than ever to specifically tailor your content to immediately meet your targeted visitor’s needs so that you don’t lose a lead before you get the chance to interact with them.

Businesses Don’t Know How To Interpret Analytic Data

According to a recent survey, half of the data that a business gets from the analytic data on their website is of no use to them. Many businesses simply utilize the raw sales data to see how effective their salescopy happens to be. Though this data is quite useful in tailoring a specific sales pitch, when combined with the other forms of data that analytics can provide, it can provide a business with everything they need to properly reach their targets.

From Where Is Your Traffic Coming To Your Site?

The focus of analytics is often to measure the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. For many sites, about half of their traffic comes from a search engine and the other half comes from direct referral. Many companies don’t utilize analytics to measure the effectiveness of direct referrals to their website, which means they are unable to maximize the sales potential of their directly referred traffic.

To change this, it is essential for a company to expand their horizons when it comes to analytics. Modern analytics can not only track the effectiveness of your site’s content, but it can also measure how effective your social media campaigns are, how your videos are being used, and even how effective your Flash applications are. These insights can then help you turn this data into action.

Mobile App Analytics Are Also Available

From discovery to download, knowing how your targeted audience is interacting with the content that you’re putting out into the global community is essential to having a great app. Real-time reporting can show you who is using your app, why they are using it, and how that user is progressing through the app. You can see the exact screens where an end user might pause, click a link, or decide to shut the app down. Combine these tools with similar tools for your website and you’ll be able to truly provide your targeted audience with value.

Which Analytics Organization Is Right For You?

Nearly two-thirds of all companies choose Google to meet their analytic needs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right choice for you. Explore all your options and take a look to see where your information gaps are. Utilize the agency that can help you discover that missing data and you’ll be able to maximize your web presence right away.

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