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How Much Does a Private Jet Cost


4 Jets To Fly On Before You Die

The skies are said to be friendly and if you get to experience flying in a private luxury jet, this statement is absolutely true. Rather than have to fight through the commercial crowds, extra fees, and TSA procedures that can leave you naked in an airport back room, private jets can help get you from Point A to Point B in a fast, effective manner.

Here are the four luxury jets everyone should get to fly on at least once in their lives. Why? Because it really will change your perception about flying!

The Dassault Falcon 7X:

Retailing at $39 million, the Falcon 7X is often considered to be the most modern business jet on the market today. Equipped with the latest in aviation technology, it is a practical, yet stylish mode of transportation. With internal acoustics that reduce noise, ergonomic seating, a fully equipped galley, and plenty of other luxury features, the Falcon 7X is able to sit up to 16 people in a lounge-seating environment.

The Gulfstream G-650:

The Gulfstream G-650 may retail for $58 million, but the investment is well worth it. This luxury jet offers the widest cabin on the market today for a luxury jet, allowing for plenty of personal living space whether the flight is 15 minutes or 15 hours. It is designed to accommodate 6 people because it is designed to provide each passenger with the right amenities for business productivity. Private meetings, small group conversations, or just a quiet few hours of rest are all possible on the G-650.

The Bombardier Global 8000:

Retailing at $48 million, the Global 8000 is one of the most economically friendly luxury jets in the skies today. Named the Global 8000 because it reflects the range of the non-stop capabilities of the aircraft, cruising speeds with a full capacity are still an industry-best Mach 0.8 to 0.9. With low emissions and good fuel control, the spacious interior includes a dedicated office area and a dedicated crew area.

vThe Boeing Business 737 700-C:

Offering the reliability of the Boeing brand, this 737 has been redesigned to accommodate just 19 people in a luxury business environment. Retailing at $57 million, the advantages of this aircraft include a king-sized bed, a shower, a primary stateroom, and several secondary staterooms for several guests. It’s a joint venture Boeing has with General Electric that pays off well because this jet can help up to 8 people sleep comfortably.

Flying in luxury really is the way to travel if you can do it at least once. If you get the opportunity to fly on one of these luxury jets, don’t turn that opportunity down! You may just find that the trip you take will be the best trip through the friendly skies that you’ve ever experienced!

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