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7 Great Elevator Pitch Tips for Products and Businesses

7 Great Elevator Pitch Tips for Products and Businesses

7 Tips to a Great Elevator Pitch

The average elevator pitch lasts less than a minute. Creating a pitch that is short yet effective will assist you in generating more leads and prospects. Here is a listing of 7 tips to creating a great elevator pitch.

1. Chemistry

The relationship and compatibility between the various components of a system determines how smooth that system will function. An obsolete bolt will not fit the nut of a modern chassis. There has to be a correlation between the various components for a smooth operation of the system in the long term.

2. Creativity

With creativity, you are bound to break through the invisible ceiling. Go beyond the ordinary, include attractive and amiable features that makes you outstanding. This makes you unique and separates you from the pack.

3. Impact

Always be intense, compelling and boisterous. Any organisation that ever won a pitch did not do so by a sluggish or solitary approach. You need to be forth coming in order to make a success of your pitch.

4. Attention To Every Details

In a public presentation, attention must be given to every detail. Poor grammatical structures is a very cheap way to loose excellent brand reputation. Everything must be reviewed down to the minutest detail.

5. Connectivity

Connect with those that matter in an ingenious way. Get to know those who are influential in other teams, secure their long term interest, find a way to make them committed to your goals.

6. Know How

Do not be reluctant in hiring the services of those who are more knowledgeable than you are in certain areas. Their services will compliment yours and you’ll form a formidable team.

7. Drive

Be motivated everyday with respect to your goals. Be enthusiastic, do not be afraid to explore more. Research, find out more and more by the day. This is necessary to get ahead of the pack.

Research has shown that:
• That the average elevators pitch has a length of 56 seconds.
• Before face to face meeting, the average number of contact points is 40.
• There is an average of five agencies on RFP shortlists.
• Every year, the average number of new business pitches is 20.
• On the average, the success rate recorded by agencies in starting a new business is 25%.
• Over 78% of agencies allocate budget for every pitch.
• $5000 is the average expenditure for every $100,000 of potential win.

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