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How to Make and Distribute Great Content for a Website


What Content Drives Your Business?

It’s no secret that content is more valuable than gold in today’s internet environment. Companies spend billions of dollars every year creating content that their market studies show their customers will find to be valuable just so they can maintain a relationship with that customer. Having the wrong type of content for your business, however, will cause your targeted customer base to flee and go to a competitor who has the content they want. The format of your content is more important than ever!

Do You Have a Blog?

Blogging is bigger than ever and it continues to grow at an explosive rate. Just about everyone has some sort of blog where they put out some sort of information to the global community. Some websites have even combined the blogging format and the social media format of information production because blogging is so important to so many people! Though having a blog can be difficult because of the need to have constant, fresh content, there are some ways you can lessen the workload on yourself:

• offer guest blogging spots and offer backlinks in return;
• instead of writing full articles, simply write small blurbs with links; or
• outsource your blogging duties to a contracted content writer.

Would a Podcast Help Your Business?

Though the information on a blog can be useful, the lives of certain consumers are pretty busy and they don’t really have much time to search through content on a blog for something specific. They do, however, have the ability to download a free podcast off of iTunes and play that podcast while they are commuting to work. Podcasting has grown by over 30% in the last few years and if you’ve got interesting content, people are going to keep coming back for more.

The New/Old Field of Music Marketing

How many product jingles can you remember from growing up and watching commercials or hearing them on the radio. “My bologna has a first name…” is a popular one. For a recent example, you can look at the efforts of FreeCreditReport.com to bring in an effective way to remember a brand. People have the ability to remember things in more detail when information is put to song – just look at how easy it is for many children to remember the alphabet just by singing the Alphabet Song. A catchy jingle might be the extra step your business could take to get more focus on the rest of your content.

The Wonderful World of Webinars

Content is not really valuable to your business unless it is valuable to your customers. One of the newer forms of content that is really help to drive sales is the webinar. Done online or sometimes with the assistance of a phone dial-in, a webinar is a short training session that is designed to increase the overall skills of a potential customer or provide the quality statistics and details that specific customers may need to have to finalize a sale. With the right content, you can really maximize your profits. What content do you have right now… and could it be better?

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