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15 Rich Snippets Markup Examples for Breadcrumbs, Recipes and Products

15 Rich Snippets Markup Examples for Breadcrumbs, Recipes and Products

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Generate More Traffic To Your Website With Google Rich Snippets

Taking the page rank of your website to the top is not an easy task. Thousands, if not millions, of websites just like yours are vying for a spot on the first page of every search engine. Sites that get to the first page of search engines get the most traffic. The reason is that many people don’t go beyond the first page when the scout the web for information through the search engines. Thus, every single website will like to secure a spot on the first of search result for its keyword, and many websites are deploying various SEO strategies in order to get a spot on the first page of search result related to their niche and keywords.

Have you ever noticed that some listings on a search result appear more attractive than others do when conducting a Google search? Sure, you must come across attractive and eye-catching listings on a Google search, and you must have clicked on these fanciful listings on the search result, just like many others out there.

Can you explain why you prefer to click on the fanciful and eye-catching listing instead of the dull and plain listing on the Google search results?

Halo Effect

Well, there is an explanation for that. It is called the “halo effect.” According to this theory, humans are likely to be attracted to beautiful and fine-looking things than dull and plain-looking things. The halo-effect is a natural phenomenon that applies to every aspect of human life. So, this is the reason why you and many others like you will click an eye-catching and fine-looking listing on a Google search result and ignore a plain and dull listing on the same Google search result.

So, how do you make your website display attractive features like pictures and other nice-looking details in a Google search result?

Well, Google rich snippets can do the job for you. Rich snippets are codes that can be incorporated into a website in order to help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, read and decode the content of the site.

Rich Snippets

By incorporating Google rich snippets into your website, Google can make use of the snippet codes to extract information additional information like photos, ratings, author’s information, etc, and display these pieces of information along with the search result of your website. In addition to this extra data display along with your website search result, the usual information that accompanies a search result will be present. Thus, Google rich snippet is the secret tool used by most webmasters to beautify the search result of their sites.

Rich snippets can help increase the click-through-rate of a website. Many webmasters have discovered that the addition of Google rich snippets to their websites increases their site’s click-through-rate by 30%. As explained earlier, the halo-effect is responsible for this rise in the click-through- rates of their sites. Everyone just simply loves the beautiful things of life.

Installing Rich Snippets

Installing Google rich snippets on your website is not a difficult task. The first step is to mark up your website pages using any of the following format: the Microdata format, the Microformats, or the RDFa format. Once the page marking up is done, you can test it using a structural data testing tool. If the page marking up is successful, the rich snippets will begin to appear on your website’s search engine results after a few weeks.

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