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15 Ways to Increase Your Conversions with Conversion Rate Optimization

15 Ways to Increase Your Conversions with Conversion Rate Optimization

Website Conversion Checklist

How many of the people visiting your site are actually buying something?
This number of actual customers is your website conversion rate. Most websites actually have extremely low conversion rates, as in less than 5%. “Build it, and they will come” does not necessarily apply to website businesses. Once a user is navigating the internet, they have access to an unlimited amount of information on any product they choose to Google.

But will they choose to buy your product when they can compare it to dozens of others?
The secret to turning your web viewers into customers is effective website conversion. There are several facets of effective website conversion. In order to increase your website landing conversion rates, you will have to review your website from top to bottom.


First, is your website attractive to the viewer?
Is it well-designed, easy to read and personable? People buy products from attractive, personable vendors not from faceless companies. Does your website have pictures of people enjoying your products on it? Do you have an About Us page that features a photograph of your smiling staff? Do you feature a welcome message from the CEO of your company? Any or all of these items will put a face to your brand name.

Reviews & Testimonials

Have you included customer reviews, customer testimonials and social media buttons on your site?
These elements give your product “crowd karma.” If a customer knows that someone else bought your product and enjoyed it, they are much more likely to buy it themselves. A testimonial carries even more weight if it is backed by an expert. Do you have any experts that are willing to endorse your product and have a short statement published on your site? If you don’t (or even if you do) make sure to add a product guarantee. This lessons customer risk and will make you customers feel better about purchasing your product.


Is your website easy to navigate?
If your customers are confused, they are more likely to drift to another website that features a similar product. Is your product clearly presented on your home page? Be specific when you convey your product and what it has to offer. Outline the benefits of your product using bullet points and use graphics that clearly add to your product, not distract from it. Is it easy for the customer to navigate from your home page to the product page to checkout? Is the checkout process easy and efficient for the customer?


You would also do well to investigate your competition.
What web design methods and techniques are they employing to draw customers to their site? How does their webpage look? You can learn valuable lessons from your competition that may boost your sales. In addition to checking out the competition, ask some of your most skilled sales associates to throw in their two cents. How do they sell your product over and over again? What do they say to each customer that compels that customer to buy your product? They may use keywords that would work very well on your webpage.


Remember, less is more.
Don’t clutter your website with unnecessary graphics; these will ultimately distract customers from your product. Graphics are like flower gardens: one or two can provide a focal point for your home, but 3 or more separate gardens crowding the same front yard just looks cluttered. You want your website to look streamlined and chic. Create an eye-popping headline, add two or three bold graphics and minimal text that gets straight to the point. Clearly identify navigational buttons, social media share points and how to get to the shopping cart and checkout pages.

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