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7 Facts About ENFJ and INFP Relationship Compatibility

From the workplace to your love life, you are making connections with people almost every day and it is important to understand what to expect when making them. Everyone has such a unique and abstract personality that makes it intimidating to get to know someone really well.

For ENFJ and INFP personalities, there are many shared connections that you can find once you crack the surface of the relationship and get deeper. Let’s take a look at 7 facts about ENFJ and INFP compatibility so you can improve your future relationships.

1. Share different relationship paces
Getting a relationship started is often the hardest part, but sticking together at the right pace also has its difficulties. The ENFJ personality is very outgoing and open with their relationships as they look to share their energy early on with the other person.

For the INFP personality, they look to a slower method of connecting with others that can take some more time and patience. Finding a middle ground for connection and understanding the other person will allow for the relationship to grow together.

2. Potential for a deep connection
Many things can lead to a close relationship, and the more similarities you have with your partner, the more likely you are going to want a further connection. Thankfully, this pairing of personalities is ripe for a great connection with many similar ideals looking to make for real connection.

Both of these personalities share a similar sense of wanting to help others and both want to see things be as positive as possible. Even in rough times, there is always a deep connection.

3. Shared sense of empathy
As mentioned earlier, these two personalities are similar in the sense that they want to help and understand others. They can put themselves in the shoes of others to see where they are coming from so that they are not acting irrationally or unfairly.

There is a great sense of empathy among these two that makes them great at dealing with conflict when it eventually arises and also goes toward their shared interest in helping with the needs of others.

4. Communication may have some bumps
Communication doesn’t come naturally to anyone, and these two personalities are no exception. One area where this could be a major issue is when working on projects together. These personalities share similar traits that will only end up hurting both parties when taking things on.

Both of these personalities have a work attitude that tends to look at the bigger picture when getting things done. This means that the small and easily forgettable details can easily go forgotten between the two people.

5. Both like helping others
Through their desire to help the world become better, these people can work together to help others and do it with enjoyment. Getting involved with the community and helping others helps bring this relationship together and makes for interactions that help the relationship grow while helping others.

The similarities in base values that these personalities share makes it very easy for them to get on the same page about helping others. Even if they go about it in different ways, they are still doing their part for the community.

6. Both want harmony in life
A shared sense of curiosity and wonder allows this relationship between people to stay fresh and keep growing with time. These personalities enjoy learning new things and pushing themselves to go out and become better. They both tend to appreciate the fine arts and sciences that make them want to learn so they can grow.

There is also a wanting for new things that makes the relationship require activity and energy to keep it going. A potential issue could arise if both parties become stagnant and begin to lose the energy that got the relationship going in the first place.

7. Organization desires may conflict
Many other areas of these two personalities have been very similar, but the way that these two will want to live may be very different. The ENFJ personality likes to have a sense of order and cleanliness to spaces so that they aren’t distracted by clutter and disorganization.

On the other hand, INFP personalities generally don’t care much for staying too organized or on a schedule. This conflict may need to be addressed early on to prevent future issues. Finding a compromise between the wants of both parties will lead to a better understanding in the future.


Finding someone who reflects your values and can help add to them is rare and valuable. With the ENFJ and INFP personalities, they seem to have traits that even seem conflicting that still work together in harmony. Remember these 7 facts about their compatibility to be ready to help your future relationships thrive.

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