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60 Clever Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Fantasy basketball is focused on drafting and coordinating your own team of NBA players and watching the statistics accumulate over time. The team that carries the highest aggregated statistics wins. In a standard rotisserie style league, the team with the most points overall at the time the season ends is the winner. A listing of clever fantasy basketball team names is compiled below to help inspire your creation of your own team name.

A Stuckey Situation
All Fired Up
All You Can Shoot Curry
Average Joes
Ball Busters
Baseline Leaners
Basket Brawlers
Basket Junkies
Batum Shakalaka
Big Ballers
Bigger Fish to Frye
Blue Balls of Destiny
Cereal Killers
Cookies and Kareem
Crack Smoking Monkeys
Dancing To Thabeet
Dazzling Stars
Death at the Net
Dirk Knight Rises
Double LeBrontendre
Dribbling Seamen
Dwight Where You Stand
Eyeball Express
From Kosta Coast
From Russia With K Love
Gang Green
Geeks N Sneaks
Hoops! Did it Again!
Horton Hears a Jrue
I Camby What I Wanna Be
Ibaka Flacka Flame
Jump Balls
Live Faried or Die Hard
Nash of the Titans
Nothing But Nets
Pippin Ain’t Easy
Rubio Tuesdays
Screw Balls
Shaqramento Kings
Shooting Stars
Smoking Aces
Smoking Trees & Smoking 3s
Stars & Stripes
The Big Bulls
The Defending Champs
The Dirty Cheetahs
The Flyballers
The Monstars
Three The Hard Way
Toxic Smoking Monkeys
Triple Threat All Stars
Who Framed Luke Babbit

Investing in a fantasy basketball player can offer you monetary gains. A payroll index can be followed to help you determine the amount of fantasy points each player is worth based on their specific statistical categories. The below infographic takes a look at the safest bests and undervalued players to keep an eye on.

Value of Fantasy Basketball Players

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