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6 Most Important Digital Trends of 2014


Are you wondering what 2014 is going to mean for your marketing strategies? Some fascinating theories and predictions have emerged from marketing experts.

Digital Marketing In 2014

If you’re looking to develop the best possible digital marketing strategies for your business, then you may want to consider some of these predictions that have been put forth by an assortment of experts:

Growth in Mobile Connectivity

Marketing is going to be more mobile than ever before. Technology will make it easier than ever for consumers to keep up with their favorite business, wherever they might be in the world. You’re also going to see a good deal more in the way of location-specific marketing. Customers will begin to expect to get information without even having to ask for it. Smartphones and tablets are going to continue to be popular with customers, too.

Consumer Community

Community is going to become even more important in 2014. Your customers are going to become part of your marketing team through advocacy. Companies will continue to use the communities created through social media.

Brands Exploring New Mediums

Brands are going to become producers. New mediums should be explored, your marketing content should take all screen sizes into consideration, videos and pictures will continue to be a popular viral marketing tactic, and you will see the use of podcasts and multi-purpose branding continue to rise.

Social Media

Social media will also certainly continue to play a huge role in digital marketing. The pay to play concept is going to be bigger than ever, and you may also find the concepts of UX design and brand storytelling coming together.

The way people view social media should also be kept in mind. Companies will want to be aware of how people feel about technologies that are life-focused, the concept of private content sharing, and how the onslaught of viral hoaxes shapes how people trust companies trying to get their attention with social media marketing.

Digital Currency

Cognitive computing is likely to become a significant concept in 2014 and beyond. Bitcoin has also risen in popularity over the past year or so. This and other types of digital currency will deserve at least further research on your part. You’re also likely going to see an increased level of brands and products coming to the consumer, rather than the consumer going to them.

The future of digital marketing is tough to accurately predict. However, there are numerous ideas that will certainly be worth watching in the coming months and years.

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