31 Ideas for Funny Triathlon Team Names

The United States Triathlon has grown from 53,000 member payers in 2004 to over 250,000 Americans participating each year. This competitive sport has been attracting high positioned white collar workers for years, slowly shifting the trend away from traditional golf. However, majority of participants are considered to be at an average level and lack sophistication. If you are attempted to orchestrate together a team, a listing of real funny triathlon team names from other groups are compiled below. These are attended to inspire the creation of your own team name.

2 Divas and The Dude
3 Amigos
And We Can Cook
Babes in the Woods
Challenge Accepted
Fifty Somethings
Flying Red Heads
Go Team Venture
Herd of Heards
Littleton Coin Buyers
Mixed Bag
Pigs Can Fly
Rise Above It
Run Ginger Run
Sabrina’s McRideOuts
Simple Minds
Team Challenged Chicks
Team Discovery Channel
Team Triage
The Gebrones
The Guild of Calamitous Intent
The Triceratops
The Trifectas
The Tri-Sexuals
The Tritaniums
The Yoga Shack
To Hell & Back
Two and a Half Men
You Just Got Chicked

In order to train for winning a successful triathlon, focusing on building your core and increasing endurance will build stamina for competing. Practicing good form through strokes and shoulder rotation will ensure an extended reach and smooth travel. Lead with your forearms to increase propulsion when competing.

Practice and Training for a Triathlon