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38 Great App Company Names

Mobile growth trends are geared towards increasing technology that connects technologies together. Newly developed apps must offer functionalities and accessory devices that allow the smartphone to act as a hub for the end user. Apps that can adapt to newer technologies such as smart watches and other mobile devices will increase appeal to mobile users. A listing of app company names and brands from throughout the United States focus on the development of newer apps that give users increased functionalities with their devices.

A Different Point of View
Adept Pros LLC
App Design Company
Arc Touch
Big Hill Software LLC
Digital Dream Forge
Dot Com Development LLC
Fuzz Productions
Javelina Web Solutions
Lemberg Solutions
Media Glint
Mentor Mate
Mobisoft Infotech LLC
Net Craft
Out of the Box Mobile Apps
Prismetric Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Pro Apps
Qwik App Co.
Ramotion Inc.
Savvy Apps
SharkFuel Interactive
Steller App Software
Syntel Inc.
VezTek USA
WillowTree Apps
Y Media Labs

The mobile market has contributed an estimated 3.3% to the overall mobile app market. With over 1.2 billion mobile users utilizing apps in 2012, the market is expected to continue to see growth. Approximately, 85% of the smartphone market is dominated by iOS and Android with 68% of businesses planning to incorporate one or more additional apps in the present year.

App Development Trends

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