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13 LDS Temple Invitation Wording Examples Ideas

Casual to formal invitations are becoming more trendier each day. This leaves many options available to the way an invitation is constructed and presenting to your guests. A selection of the best temple invitation wording examples ideas are provided below that offer a more formal and traditional tone to them. However, these are intended to inspire the creation of your own invitation wording based on your individual celebration.

(name) and (name) at (time) in the afternoon. (location). Please join us for the reception immediately following the ceremony. (location).

(name) and (name) request the pleasure of your company at a reception held immediately afterward at the (location).

(name) and (name) will be sealed together for time and all eternity.

Boy meets girl. For the rest of the story join us on (date) at (time) in the morning as (name) and (name) are married. (location). Invitation to reception only.

Come join us in an evening of food and dancing to celebrate the marriage of (name) and (name). (day of week and date). (location).

Forever begins when we, (name) and (name) are sealed for time and eternity (day of week), the (date) of (month) at (time) in the morning. (location). Please be present 30 minutes prior.

The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of (name) to (name) (day of week), (date and year) at (time).(address of event). Reception to follow immediately afterward.

The honor of your presence is requested at the sealing ceremony of uniting (name) and (name) in the (location) at (time). Please arrive 30 minutes prior.

We’re getting married! Please join the celebration as (name) and (name) say “I do.” (location). Dinner and dancing to follow.

With joyful hearts we ask you to be present at the sealing ceremony on (day of week), the (day) of (month and year). We joyfully ask you to share in this celebration at a reception to be held that evening from (time and location). Invitation to Reception Only.

You are invited to attend the sealing ceremony to be solemnized at (time) in the (location). Please arrive thirty minutes early.

The following infographic provides you with a simple guide to follow when it comes to constructing the best formal or informal wedding invitation. A breakdown of each line component is listed to ensure you do not overlook an important message. Do not forget to list the location so guests know where to go.

Etiquette of Wedding Invitations

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