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99 Facts that Every Business Needs to Know


Predicting the Future: Your Business Now and Beyond
Keeping your finger on the pulse of global trends if very important when running a business. Here, we have decided to take a quick look at some of the most important trends of the future. By keeping more aware of such trends, you can easily plan ahead about what you want your business to look like a few years from now, things you can no longer afford to not pay attention to, as well as how economic trends and other factors may help (or harm) your business model.

A snapshot to current trends in small business marketing and top marketing channels to dedicate time to.

2014 Small Business Marketing Trends

Wealth, the Environment, and More
One of the most important trends of the coming year will be that wealth will start to spread throughout the world. Fewer and fewer people will live in poverty, and more will be middle class. However, at the same time, factors like global warming and a massive water shortage could certainly change how life looks for many people, whether for the good or the bad. More Gen Y people in the US will start to gain power in corporations, and may be able to change what the definition of success looks like.

Internet and Tech Trends
More people now use smart phones than ever before. Every day, more and more American, as well as international firms, are moving parts of their business online, or using things like social media to reach out to customers. Social media is helping businesses to reach more people than ever before, and this trend will continue in the coming few years. Although some people think this sort of tech has helped us to become more connected, others tend to think that it has actually pulled us apart and made us more isolated. Whatever it has done to us socially, it has certainly resulted in a huge boon in profit.

Reaching Out Globally
Reaching out globally will become more important than ever before in the future. This is especially true as more and more products become a product of the world, and not simple one of a particular company or country. More and more companies will move to urban areas, more and more will start to work, and more women will enter the workforce, globally. Developing nations will begin to get a foothold in the international economy because of their contributions to labor, resources, and overall wealth. Keep focused internationally to reach the most people.

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