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6 Good Autism Fundraiser Ideas

Autism awareness and fundraisers are on the rise. The goal is to make the community aware of autism and hopefully fund more research into autism. Oftentimes, money will also be raised for local community members that have been diagnosed with autism. This will help cover medical care and any health-related expenses.

Autism fundraiser ideas are filled with possibilities and this is a much easier way to raise donations than most other causes.

Sport’s Team Sponsorship

Autism has become a growing problem. Many sport’s teams, both professional and amateur, will help with fundraising in any way that they can. The goal is to contact these organizations and meet with them to organize a fundraiser.

Many teams are now dedicating a night of proceeds to these fundraisers. There are also some teams that will donate a certain amount of money per action that takes place. For instance, many NHL teams have been known to donate money each time they score a power play goal. This is a great way to encourage a team to always put in maximum effort in their performance.

Teams may also help in other ways including:

• Mentioning that a fundraiser is taking place during a broadcast.
• Allowing fans to donate money.
• Allow a star player to attend an event to raise awareness.

Sport’s teams know that by helping a fundraiser they are also helping others gain awareness about their sport. The more popular the team, the higher the overall proceeds will be. Even minor league teams can raise a lot of money in a short period of time. If you live in a smaller town, this is a way to get everyone together.

Community Sale

Every household is filled with items that are no longer in use. This can range from old televisions that are outdated to clothing that simply is no longer in style. The best part is that others will have no problem buying these items from a person.

Simply offer to take the items and sell them for the person donating them. The goal is to offer a 50/50 split wherein you sell the clothes and get to keep a portion of the proceeds. This will take a lot of effort, but it is easy to amass several thousands of dollars in just a weekend.

Biking Events

Cycling has been one of the best fundraiser ideas as of late. With cycling, all participants are welcome and they will be able to enter into a race. This is meant for purely fundraising purposes, but many companies will offer sponsorships and all sales proceeds will go to Autism.

The true goal of these events is to promote businesses. When businesses see that cycling can be beneficial for them, they will be more inclined to donate. This is where banks donate a check to the winner so that they can donate the proceeds. The bigger the crowd, the better chances that big donors will come forward.

Biking events are really becoming a huge sport and having a bike race in your community will bring in a plethora of funds.

Local Concerts

A local concert with local artists is a great fundraising idea. This allows for a myriad of opportunities to take donations and provides a fun atmosphere for all those that attend. The key is to collect money wherever possible.

• Tickets to the event should be purchased.
• Food or the opportunity for vendors to rent a space should be provided.
• Raffles should take place where 50 percent of the proceeds goes towards Autism.

The goal is to turn a concert into an opportunity to sell. You can even have shirts printed up for Autism awareness and sold during the concert.

Costume Party

Oftentimes, costumes tend to bring in a lot of interest. If your fundraiser takes place near Halloween, you have the perfect outlet to bring in donations. A costume party or contest is the best choice. The latter allows participants to enter into the contest and possibly win prize money as a result. If a percentage of the entry costs is split between the winner(s) and the fundraiser, a lot of money can be made. These parties or contests sell themselves and will naturally draw in a lot donations.

Free Karate Lessons

Many kids are into martial arts and want to become active in this sport. Every city has their own karate studio where anyone can come and enjoy lessons. Asking an instructor to donate their time and to offer free lessons to locals will be a great opportunity to bring in donations.

Most instructors will understand that not only is this great for donation purposes, but many people that take advantage of their offer will join their dojo.

Autism fundraiser ideas are vast in nature. By bringing community awareness to the struggle of autism, it will be possible to keep donations flowing all throughout the year.

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