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Review of the Corepower Yoga Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Yoga is the ancient spiritual art of enhancing the mind, body, and soul. For many, today’s Yoga involves embracing various poses and strength exercises in order to enhance the flexibility of the body and improve daily life. It goes beyond the realm of physical fitness, however, as CorePower Yoga also places an emphasis on relaxation, life awareness, and even social connectivity as a passion for people and supporting the environment is supported in each franchise that is currently in operation.

The mission of this organization is to spread a level of authenticity throughout the population that it serves. This comes from a passion for Yoga that must be present in each franchise owner from the outset and a commitment to healthy living so that everyone who encounters the CorePower brand is inspired to live an extraordinary life.

How Much Does It Cost To Begin a CorePower Yoga Franchise?

Founded in 2002 in Denver, CO, the goal of CorePower Yoga is to start up to 10 franchises per year, every year. It is already the largest network of Yoga studios in the world today and Trevor Tice, who is the CEO of the organization, would like to have a total of 100 locations opened by 2016. The initial capital that is required to get into the franchise is just $25,000, but there is a buyer beware warning here: in the last year, the average cost of opening up a new studio was an average of $750,000. The cheapest a studio was opened for had an initial investment of $214,000 total.

When you become a CorePower Yoga franchisee, you’re also taking on certain community responsibilities that require you to be an active owner-operator. You have a 5% royalty that you pay from your gross sales, but there is also active participation in spreading the case of wellness throughout the community. This is done in a variety of different ways:

1. Through podcasts about Yoga. CorePower Yoga puts out a weekly podcast about the benefits of Yoga, how beginners can better prepare for a Yoga class, and other helpful tips that can bring about a greater level of enjoyment and success. There is an overall emphasis on the spiritual, mental, and physical sides of Yoga – not just one singular emphasis as may be found in other studios.

2. Through teaching and training. There is an extensive set of coursework available through CorePower Yoga that will help instructors become well-versed in the practices that are encouraged in each studio. Teacher training helps to empower and inspire each instructor and those qualities are then passed down to each student or participant. CorePower offers an online set of courses for those who wish to become an instructor at home, while there are also week-long intensive courses available as well.

3. Retreats and unique Yoga programs. CorePower Yoga offers a wide variety of programs outside of the typical Yoga practices you’ll see because there is an emphasis on lifestyle perfection throughout the brand. In order to help people accomplish their wellness goals, there are nutrition programs offered, cleansing opportunities available, and retreats scheduled periodically that help everyone get away from the daily grind to restore, rejuvenate, and refresh their mind, body, and soul.

CorePower Yoga Also Stresses Charitable Work in Their Franchises

One of the best ways to get noticed in your community, according to CorePower Yoga, is to help those who might need it, no matter the reasons why. To that extend, Tice has his organization regularly participate in fundraising opportunities throughout each community. There is also the Karma Yoga Project, a non-profit that focuses on providing good throughout the world on the simple promise that good might be returned in favor later on. Recent fundraisers have brought in over $50,000 for emergency relief worldwide and there is no monetary figure associated to a life that is changed by the efforts of this organization.

Why stress charitable work? Because a true follower of Yoga is always striving to seek out perfection. There are various roads that the Yogic path may take and the traditional practice would encourage one to seek perfection in just one area before pursuing another, but selfless giving to help another is a demonstration of perfection in any version of this ancient spiritual practice. As a franchisee, you will be encouraged to get involved.

What does charitable community involvement look like currently? Here are just a few ways that CorePower Yoga is working to make each community better:

1. Through volunteer assistance at local food banks, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters.
2. Through skill-building programs that are designed to help people who need a job to get a job.
3. To provide basic assistance to those who have a need, whether that might be raking leaves or providing a hot meal.

How Easy Is It To Get a CorePower Yoga Franchise?

Because of the demands that are placed on a franchisee, it is rather difficult to qualify to become a franchise owner with this brand. The organization keeps a tight control on new studio openings and there are more organizationally-owned locations than there are franchise locations. Instead of a franchise, you might be offered a 50/50 partnership stake in a local franchise for a 75% total investment within it or another opportunity instead of a straight franchise offer if you qualify to become part of the organization.

If you have a passion for the wellness of your community and are willing to be fully active within it on a daily basis, then you may qualify for a CorePower Yoga franchise. You’ll need to contact the company directly with your desires, talk about the proposal that you have, and begin the negotiation process from there. Although the franchisee is kept to strict standards, the pursuit of perfection brings about a joy that simply cannot be contained. For that reason, pursuing this opportunity might be one that makes perfect sense!

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