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7 Words that Increase Blog Post Shares


Have you ever noticed that some types of posts are always re-tweeted more than other tweets? You must have come across certain posts which have gone viral in no time, amassing hundreds or thousands of likes, shares and comments in quick succession. A lot that happens online is purely instinctive, momentary and pretty contagious. It is madness out there in the virtual world. But have you ever wondered if there is a method to this madness?

There is no golden compass that can show you the way taking which you can get all your contents go viral. But what exists is something called word science that can decipher why some posts get shared and others get ignored.

Providing Great Content

You don’t have to be a really smart content writer, copywriter to be specific, to be able to come up with engaging titles, headlines, taglines or posts which would generate the type of contagious interest among all and sundry every time you create a post and upload it. If you take a random approach then you may end up creating a hundred posts but none would get any desired attention. If you take a scientific approach then each of those hundred posts can incite sharing among hundreds of people.

The info-graphic, Word Science, introduces you to the factors that play a decisive role in sharing of posts, liking of posts and inciting comments from fellow social network users. You wouldn’t share something if it isn’t worth sharing. Thus, the question lies in what is worth sharing and not what can be shared. If your post is a bland update that hardly inspires or moves anyone then no one would make the effort to share it. Besides, why would someone share something that is of no interest to them?

People share when they are moved. That moving feeling can be joy, sadness, inspiration, anger or hate among countless other strong emotions. The bottom line is that the post must hit one or more emotive chords. If a post is not high on any emotion whatsoever then there has to be something worthwhile for people to share. It might be a completely unique information update which people would want to know. There wouldn’t be any emotions but people would try and inform others. Likewise, there are many ways to hit at emotions, to use the right words, links, images and videos that make it necessary for people to share.

Explore the info-graphic and make your content more sharable.

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