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101 Ideas for Clever Tennis Team Names

Tennis is one of the few popular sports that is seen in over 200 countries and is considered one of the most popular ones in the world. This sport also has many health benefits to include cardiovascular, muscle development, brain development. and coordination. The below tennis team names are compiled from other fun team names that have been used to help inspire your own participation.

Ace Bandages
Ace Breakers
Ace Kickers
Alley Gators
Baby Got Backhand
Ball Busters
Ball Whackers
Big Hitters
Called To Serve
Casual Sets
Court Jesters
Courtside Connection
Dare Doubles
Double Shots
Double The Fun
Double Vision
Dream Team
Drop Shot Divas
Everlasting Lobstoppers
Fine Whines
Full Metal Racquets
Game Set Match
Get A Grip
Good Gets
Got Its
Grand Slammers
Grip n’ Rip
Hall of Framers
Heavy Duty Felt
High Fives
Highly Strung
Hit and Run
Hit Men
Hot Drops
Hot Shots
In Crowd
Laser Shots
Love Brokers
Match Makers
Match Points
Meet Your Match
Miss Hits
Morning Glory
Net Assets
Net Prophets
Net Results
Net Setters
Nice Aces
No Faults
No Love Guru
No Strings Attached
Not My Fault
One Hit Wonders
Over Served
Pure Insanity
Queens of the Court
Racq Pacq
Racquet Scientists
Scared Hitless
Screw Balls
Serves You Right
Sets In The City
Sets On The Beach
Shot Girls
Shot Sisters
Slice Girls
Smart Aces
Smash and Grab
Smash Girls
String Courtets
String Nation
Strung Out
Super Shots
Swinging Singles
Tennis Addicts
Tennis Angels
Tennis Junkies
The Heatstrokes
The Netminders
Victorious Secret
Wise Aces
You Got Served
You Have Met Your Match
You Just Got Served
You’ve Met Your Match

The below infographic outlines the biggest statistics and trends of Wimbledon since its establishment in 1877. Rufus is the Harris Hawk used to deter local pigeons from the courts with each blade of grass cut down to 8mm high. The longest match in history lasted 665 minutes and a total of 123 balls were used.

Wimbledon Statistics

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