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How Facebook Changed Advertising Forever

Facebook Advertising Trends

Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

Facebook advertising offers a fabulous way to get in-touch with your customers through dynamic advertising and marketing techniques that any business can take advantage of. Want to learn more about Facebook and advertising, success stories of using the social media page to boost business, and how you can more effectively use this tool as part of your online marketing scheme? If the answer is yes, read on.

Advertising on Facebook: Yesterday and Today

Since their establishment in 2006, Facebook has greatly expanded their advertising efforts. At first, the company relied on partnerships with companies like JP Morgan Chase, or the use of banner ads. Although banner ads have now disappeared from the site, you can still find active advertising partnerships between the social media giants and all different types of companies. With the pages feature, first introduced in the year 2007, any business can now take advantage of a constant platform in which to advertise and build their brand. People can see what brands and products other friends have liked, can like pages themselves, and take advantage special offers, coupons, contests, and more.

Who can Facebook Advertising Work For?

Facebook advertising can work for businesses of all sizes and types. One of the largest examples of a great success story through Facebook advertising has been King Games, the makers of Candy Crush Saga. They success on Facebook even means that they no longer have to advertise their products online. Word-of-mouth through Facebook does it completely for them. Other business, like those associated with cycling, clothing shops, sellers of luxury goods, and more have all found greater success through effective use of Facebook advertising. This is because Facebook offers businesses the chances to target specific audiences based upon location, interests, and friends.

How to Use Facebook Effectively for Advertising

The first step in putting Facebook to work for you is to get active in social media. Get your name out there and try to gain as many likes as possible. Use the tools at your fingertips through the site (like graph search) to figure out who your key customers are and do your best to connect with them. You may also want to start taking advantage of using hashtags in posts on Facebook, which can boost your search results. Think about how to use sponsored stories, as well as how to target your audience.

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