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5 Things that Make Us Happy


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Happiness is a pretty relative term that is difficult to completely define. It is easy to know when you are unhappy, but it can be complicated to correctly attribute happiness to certain things in your life. In a recent study of Americans between the ages of 35 and 80, some questions were asked to get a better understanding of what brings happiness to the lives of individuals that are happy, content and fulfilled. Many of the answers were pretty predictable, but there were a few surprises.

Good Health Leads To Happiness

Happiness is often linked to being thankful and good health is a reason to be content. In the poll, 24% of Americans with good health claimed to be happy, but only 8% in bad health had achieved happiness. This is understandable and predictable due to the fact that we are often happiest when we are carefree and not sidetracked by worry. Health problems often lead to stress and can also hinder daily activities. Staying healthy is the best way to obtain a lifetime of happiness.

Fulfillment Through Family

There are few things in life that bring happiness and joy to your life the way that children and grandchildren can. It is often said that these relationships are the purest and the closest to unconditional love. It is clearly shown that the accomplishments of children and grandchildren lead to happiness. In the poll, 72% said that these accomplishments gave them joy and fulfillment. This type of pride found in these relationships is what many Americans attribute their happiness to.

Income Can Be A Contributing Factor To Happiness

Although health and family are often the most important factors linked to happiness, it has been established that income plays some part. Only 15% of Americans making less than $25,000.00 a year claimed to be truly happy. This could be true for many different reasons, but a lack of income can lead to many problems that can hinder your ability to remain positive and content. Although money isn’t everything, it is shown to have a positive impact on your happiness in some small way.

What Age Group Is The Happiest?

This study showed that individuals between the ages of 40 and 60 were often the most content. However, the 50’s can sometimes be an adjustment period and can be difficult to navigate. As individuals in this age group become comfortable in their retirement, they often find their true happiness.

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