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5 Most Important Components of the Google Algorithm


Having a website is a vital part of marketing for any business, but getting your website ranked high by Google is the key to online success. This leaves the question, how does Google rank a website?

Here are a few tips and some basic information on how Google ranks websites, which will help you get larger visibility online:

Keywords Matter

The type of keywords that are used to rank your website range depending on the type of website that you have. For example, if your website is dedicated to selling bracelets you most likely have a domain name that is similar to wesellbracelets.com. In this instance, the keyword is bracelets. Your keyword should always be placed in the domain name to ensure that Google ranks your website high within this category.

What Matters At Page Level?

When it comes to the pages of your website, it is crucial to have keywords within the title tag. This is one of the most powerful SEO techniques that can be used to communicate with Google and other search engines. The amount of times that your most prominent keyword is used within the txt of each page also matters.

More uses will simply lead to more relevancy for your website and a higher ranking with Google. The length of the content on each page also has some meaning. Longer content is given greater authority by Google and is automatically seen as more meaningful to online users. Images within the content will also increase visibility online immensely. All of these page level SEO techniques combine to make your website more likely to be noticed by Google.

What About Your Website Design?

The overall design of your website also plays a large role in your Google rankings. Your contact page is crucial and should be filled with useful and accurate information that is complete. It is also important to have your website updated regularly to ensure that your Google Rankings maintain. Google is looking for fresh websites that have relevant content. Having a YouTube Channel can also give your website more credence and allow for your site to have a larger online presence. The more traffic that your YouTube Channel creates will only have a positive impact on your Google rankings for your website.

Knowing how Google ranks your website can help you make adjustments to your current SEO techniques to produce better results.

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