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5 Good Fundraising Ideas for College Clubs

College clubs will have a variety of reasons to raise donations. Whether a club wants to take a trip to study abroad or they want to raise money for cancer research, there are a plethora of fundraising ideas for college clubs that work perfectly. The best part is that colleges already supply a massive audience in which can be leveraged to ensure that a club is able to bring in donations with ease.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways clubs will be able to raise funds all year long.

Party Fundraisers

College attendees always want to party. While it may not be possible to include liquor at an event, it is possible to throw a variety of different parties that people will pay to attend. A few part ideas include:

Disco Night: Step back in time and throw a retro disco party. This will be filled with music, food and fun. Obviously, a cover charge will be needed so that all of the extras are covered.
Fair Night: Games, food and fun for the entire community. A fair is a great way to bring everyone together for an amazing cause. College clubs can go with their main activities that take place and throw a fair that is fun for every age.
Pizza Party: College kids are always hungry. By offering an awesome pizza party, people are able to socialize and eat to their heart’s content.
Pool Party: If your college has a pool, a wild pool party will be an awesome idea. Allow people to bring food or offer pizza that can be purchased. Hire a DJ and even have the party last all night long.

Parties entice people to attend because there is something offered to them in return. In this case, people are able to have fun and socialize with others.

Coupon Books

Working together with local businesses that will offer coupons for your cause is a great idea. This is done by contacting and talking to all of your local businesses to setup a deal wherein they offer a discount or freebie that can be included in your discount books.

Oftentimes, businesses will not have an issue being included because they know that it will help them lure in new customers and people often buy more than one item, so a discount can be very profitable.

The idea is to compile a large coupon or discount book that includes deals from local businesses. You want to contact the following:

• Restaurants
• Grocery Stores
• Movie Theaters
• Entertainment Outlets

The best and most lucrative ideas are always restaurants and movie theaters. This will help propel sales much further than most other businesses.

Now, you put a price tag on your book and go door-to-door trying to sell your discount book to others. More often than not, you can charge $10 to $20 per book and people will be willing to pay. The only catch is that you need to have a lot of businesses willing to help you cause.

Casino Night

How does a night at the casino sound to you? While you may not be able to setup a roulette table, you can have your own casino night that brings in money. Since regular gambling is illegal, you will need to sell a currency that can be used to buy casino prizes. This is the same way ticket vendors work at a fair.

In essence, people will pay to buy tickets that can be used for playing. A person may buy 10 tickets and bet them all on a game of cards.

The prizes should obviously be something that people really want, such as a television, bike or tablet.

Date Auction

Singles will want to go on as many dates as possible while in college. Date auctions allow people to get together and really get to know each other. The way this works is by having an auction at school where the potential person(s) auctioned off will have to walk on stage and represent themselves. Every person that is a member of the club should offer to auction themselves off on a date.

The highest bidder will have secured a date with the person chosen and a lot of funds will be raised in the process. This is a great way to raise money and beautiful people surely never hurt when it comes to auctions.

Alumni Night

Past students or club members are always willing to help for a club that helped form their lives. When these people are invited back for alumni night, they will be more than willing to pledge a donation for a club that they were part of while attending college.

The goal is to invite specific classes back so that the attendees are able to mingle and talk to friends that they have not seen since graduation. Drinks, a dinner and even a night with the club are all a great part of alumni night.

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