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33 Famous Quotes on Creativity

Creativity is dying. This is not an exaggeration or an understatement. There is astounding innovation all around us but creativity has taken a backseat. Most innovations of the last decade have been tweaked versions of what already existed. True innovation, which is resembled by an idea that changes the very definition of a concept, existence of a certain practice and dynamics of a specific industry, is a rarity.

The below infographic provides some of the best and most popular designs quotes to help garner inspiration and creativity.

Top Design and Creativity Quotes

At a time when a massive majority of people are participating in the rat race, playing it safe and trying their best to adhere to the conforming laws of the modern world, there are very few people who harbor the desire to break free and do something truly magical, genuinely creative.

33 Amazing Creativity Quotes are not a work of fiction. It is a compilation of some of the most famous statements made by artists, business owners or entrepreneurs, scholars and inventors from across the world. From the likes of Einstein to Edison, you are likely to come across some of the most fascinating quotes of all times, some of which you may have heard before and quite a few that you may not have heard at all. These quotes should change your perspective towards your work, life and everything in between.

There is always time and scope to be creative. Creativity is not something that is confined to art or technology. Creativity exists in sales, marketing, roofing, plumbing, manufacturing and every niche that you look at. Creative people have always revolutionized the world, the lives of many or an industry at least. It is only by the virtue of creativity that you can change the rules of the game. You cannot beat the competition unless you are the biggest shark in the seas. You cannot be the best player unless you have the best product or service to offer. You cannot become the numero uno in any field or line of work if you do not have what it takes to beat all the others who are vying for the coveted top spot.

Your competitors would always have some advantages over you and they would have their own limitations as well, so would you. The only way to can give everyone a run for their money is by being creative. The moment you let your creativity take the driving seat, you will not only surprise yourself but the whole world, which would spend a long time to figure what you did and how you did it.

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