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5 Future Trends in SEO


Increasing Budgets in SEO Is Possible

Search engine optimization (SEO) is getting more popular not only in the online community but to the people around the world. They are also being adapted in various industries. That is why the word “success” is truly possible to them with the help of an effective SEO strategy. Actually, there are 66 percent of marketers in SEO that are gaining higher budget. This is one of the reasons why many marketers are choosing to work in SEO. Its presence really helps a lot of companies to have an improvement in their management performance.

Increasing Budgets

According to a survey, majority of the organization today are experiencing an increase in their natural budget, which is a great improvement for them. It is a fact that searching for the budget is hard. That is why with the presence of SEO helps companies have an immediate increase in their budget. There are several companies today that are hiring employees who already worked in SEO-related industry or someone who have a thorough and deeper understanding on how SEO works.

When talking about the current headcount or projected in 2012, there are companies that stated that their natural headcount has increased for about 45 percent. And in 2013, these companies have experienced great headcount, more than what they have expected. In this case, with the help of SEO, they can gain a lot of natural search team headcounts every year.

Who is Impacted

Even though SEO is managed by the Marketing Department, still it is the one of the most friendly and approachable departments in most organization. The department and it’s percentage that being help by SEO are:

• Tech/It – 9 percent
• Web – 14 percent
• Marketing – 46 percent
• Some agencies or third party- 4 percent
• Other – 11 percent
• 16 percent claimed that SEO is also doing their job in their own department.

The SEO is the getting influential according to a lot of executives. They stated that this business gets 63 percent in the percentage of respondents. And every year this percentage is increasing more. It is true that, for the longer years, SEO is used in the business industry due to the impressive advantages that they provide. That’s why there are 65 percent of businessmen agreed that SEO has its lawful seat in the revenue table. Due to the helpful advantages that supply by SEO to some organization, they easily get their own revenue table unlike to some marketers.

5 Top Goals for the Next Marketers

1. Enhance the content strategy.
2. Makes use the proper scale keywords.
3. Enhance the measurement in searching ROI.
4. Raise the social appearance in the SERPs.
5. Have deeper analytics.

SEO truly increases the budget of marketers and provides impressive working performance in various organizations. Search Engine Optimization is one of the best marketing businesses that exist today. They can also increase the sales of companies that are making use of their marketing services. With their helpful services, they are getting more popular in their world of business and in different industries.

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