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35 Great Record Company Names

The record stores and overall industry is on a quick decline in recent years due to emerging technologies. It has been listed on the top 10 lists for dying industries. Digital music and streaming has offering new venues for consumers to gain access to music. An estimated two thousand local stores still remain popular for access to vinyl records and providing desired tangible items that consumers still want. The following collection of record company names consist of both stores and production companies that have survived the changing music industry.

906 Music Recording Studio
Academy Records
Aix Media Group Inc.
Astraea Records and Studio
Bembry Music
Dangerbird Records
Dollartarian Records
DreamHed Records
Everloving Records
Global Change Music
Gypsy Records
Infinite Stylez Entertainment
King Street Sounds
Latham Records
Little Label Major Distribution
Lucky 6 Records
Memory Lane Music Group
Mode Records, Inc.
Ocean Way Recording
Other Music
Recording Connection
Reprise Records
Roadrunner Records
Rote Productions
Smash Studios
Stones Throw Records
Swinghouse Studios
Take Out Productions
The Village
Tuff City
Universal Music Group
Urban Background Entertainment
Viper Records
Wild Woods Inc.

The following infographic outlines statistics and facts about the changing music industry and slow death of the record store. The digital music revolution has forced large stores and even retailers to suffer from declining sales. However, many are still avid supporters of traditional media.

Decline of Record Store Industry

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