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11 Good Marketing Ideas for Orthodontic Offices

Marketing Ideas for Orthodontic Offices

Orthodontic offices need to market and brand themselves immensely to ensure that they have a steady flow of clients at all times of the year. While some offices do an impeccable job at marketing, others will find that they are struggling to stay afloat. There are a slew of ways that an orthodontist will be able to begin marketing themselves and become a household name in their town. Marketing ideas for Orthodontic offices revolve mainly around referrals, but there are a few other ways to get potential clients in the door as well.

Ask for Referrals from Current Clients

Current clients are the backbone of marketing efforts. If a current patient is happy with the service you provide, they will be more than happy to refer their friends and family to you. However, 5 minutes after a client walks out of the door, they will likely void themselves of any thought of their latest visit. Instead, an office will need to take the appropriate steps to ensure clients always recommend their friends.

Referral Program:
Offering a discount to friends and family of a client on their first visit is a great start. However, offering the referrer a discount is a sure way to enhance potential leads. Simply offer 10 percent off of their next routine visit and watch referrals pour in.

Promote Referrals:
Use business cards and websites to remind clients to promote to their friends. This is a great way to expand exposure and do so subtly.

Special Attention:
If a client mentions that their friend will be visiting, always remind them that they will receive special attention. Clients like to feel special and this is the extra push forward that they will need to make a recommendation.

Network with Dentists for Referrals

Orthodontics are specialists and will offer a service that a generic dentist will not. This is a great avenue to focus on because fellow dentists can refer all of their clients to you when they need work done on their bite.

Visit Local Dentists:
Visit other local dentists and approach them about a referral program. This program will be handled internally. For each client they refer, you simply refer a client back.

Refer to Others:
A great way to gain referrals is to refer clients to others that you respect. When the procedure cannot be handled by you, it only makes sense to send the client to a reputable dentist. Politely remind any current client to inform the other dentist that you have recommended them.

Pay For Referrals:
Oftentimes, other professionals will need an incentive for their referral. Offering a fixed amount or a percentage-based referral payout system is best. This is a way to have the top dentists in your area award you with continual referrals.

Promote Locally

There are always a plethora of local outlets with an immense reach. These outlets will enable an office to reach all of the locally targeted demographic groups necessary to see growth. These outlets can include a variety of different marketing methods that include:

Local newspapers land in the mailbox of thousands of people a day. Taking out an ad in these papers is fairly inexpensive and will provide immense branding potential. The more that your face is out there, the easier it will be to increase sales.

Radio Stations:
A local radio station will be more than happy to promote your office. While this route may be more expensive, the conversions are normally much higher. Reaching out to even small local stations can provide immense benefits.

If your office is off of any major highway, inquire about placing an ad on a billboard. While many people are moving away from this form of marketing, it is a great way to start advertising your service and still has immense potential.

Start Marketing Online

With people of all ages using the Internet to find services, it only makes sense to bring marketing efforts into an online world. There are literally thousands of places to advertise, but the most beneficial will be locally.

Take Out Ads:
Ads on local directories or on local websites will be able to reach your target demographic at all times. Many of these ads are inexpensive and will provide immense referrals.

Through pay-per-click advertising, an office can reach the top of the search results instantly. Simply setup a campaign and choose local keywords to get started.

Through the use of the Internet, it is also possible to engage in a social media campaign. Entice current clients to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. A good way to get the ball rolling is to offer discounts to any clients that are referred through social media outlets. With billions of people using social media, it only makes sense to add it as just another way to begin marketing an Orthodontic office.

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