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5 Biggest RingCentral Competitors

Whether you need to connect a conference call or you just want an effective faxing solution, RingCentral has the ability to provide you with a cloud-based system that is easier to manage that the typical on-premise systems that depreciate over time. RingCentral helps you to scale as your business grows, meaning that it works for a business of 1 just as effectively as it does for a business of 10,000.

There is plenty of competition in the field for cloud-based communication services and RingCentral’s competitors offer customers some specific advantages. Let’s take a look at the competition right now!

Five9 – https://www.five9.com/

Five9 has been around since 2001 providing companies with effective communication tools that provide solutions. They also provide cloud-based services that allow a company to invest less in the long-term and more in the short-term. Providing over 3 billion interactions in the last year alone, Five9 gives companies that want voice-to-voice contact a leading edge in their industry. Routing, callbacks, and even progressive dialing are all managed in the cloud.


Grasshopper – https://grasshopper.com/

Also geared more toward a company that wants a cloud-based phone system, the biggest advantage that Grasshopper provides is instant access to voicemail. Instead of having your employees waste hours every week listening to messages, this system converts voicemails into e-mails or other text-based information so that messages can easily be checked no matter where an employee happens to be. Unlimited extensions are also a feature of this system, which means it can grow and evolve as a business grows and evolves.


Speek – https://www.speek.com/

Unlike the other systems described, Speek is an app that focuses on one task: connecting a conference call efficiently. If you’ve ever been stuck in a meeting, watching your leadership pensively hit buttons on your conference caller and ask repeatedly, “Can you hear me now?” then you know the value that Speek can provide. Instead of using phone numbers or PINs for conference calls, you simply use a personal or business link to connect everyone into one immediate conference.


Phone Booth – https://www.phonebooth.com/

This competitor is for the business who wants to transition specifically to a VOIP system. You can also read your voicemails and e-mails from virtually anywhere with this system as you make unlimited local and long distance calls. Intelligent call routing through the networked system helps to provide good call consistency and reception on both ends without increasing overall costs for the business. Phone Booth markets itself by saying that it owns its own network, just like a traditional phone company, but with a value price tag.


Skype – https://www.skype.com/

And finally you can’t mention business communications without mentioning Skype. Their partnership with Facebook has expanded the world of free video conferencing and calling, while instant communications can happen through their software thanks to instant messaging. Skype also allows for easy file transfers to happen from station-to-station, letting a team effectively collaborate in a secure way from long distances.


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