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17 Sweet Sixteen Invitation Wording Ideas

When it comes to celebrating a sweet 16th birthday, be sure to add a 17th candle for good luck. In many cultures worldwide, turning 16 marks a coming of age from child to adolescence. In this age, 16 years old is the discovering of teens in possibilities and independence. A milestone in western culture that dates back to England during the 17th century when women were presented to the royal court for the first time as possible brides. Many symbolic ceremonies can occur such as candle lighting, shoe ceremony, passing the torch, or even just dancing. A collection of sweet sixteen invitation wording ideas to use for this special event are selected below for your inspiration.

[name] is 16 and we are all set to throw her a party she’ll never forget! Join us! Let’s together have some fun, shower her with love by the ton.

A party full of fun, is in sight. To have a guest like you would be a delight. Please come join us for [name] magical night.

Come share a day full of fun [name] is turning 16. A celebration is in order and we’ll make it a big one for her.

Farewell to dolls and toys braids and braces. Say welcome to parties and boys driving and dresses. Join us to celebrate [name]’s sixteenth birthday.

From Princess to Queen, our Pricess [name] is sweet sixteen. The magnificent day is here at last, let’s have a superb blast.

Growing up is so much fun I’m sixteen and now it’s my turn Help [name] celebrate her 16th birthday in style.

I’m turning 16, it’s gonna be so much fun! A party is happening, and you’d better come.

No more toffees, candies, and toys. It’s time for makeup, parties, and boys.

No more toys and pigtails, [name] is turning 16 and we are planning the biggest birthday party ever! Come and join us for a dance and dinner party.

Once in a lifetime do you turn sixteen, never again will this age be seen. I’m inviting you, to my Sweet 16. Be there for all the fun, dresses as if it’s Halloween.

Once upon a time a little girl dreamt to grow up and be a beautiful woman when she turns sixteen. The time is now and we have planned a grand birthday celebration to make the day special for her.

Once upon a time a little girl had a dream to have a beautiful party when she turned Sweet 16!We’re now making this dream come true! Throwing a surprise party with a special few!

The Athlete’s Club will be the scene to celebrate [name] Sweet 16.

The night is young, the lights are hung. So many songs… are waiting to be sung. It’s [name] Sweet 16. Come, let’s dance the night away.

We have some big news, the whole world should be told! Our little Princess is turning sixteen years old.

We wish you come as we have decided to have some fun on [name]’s 16th birthday!

Wish upon a star, and see your dreams take you far. A special wish I want to make, that you will come and celebrate.

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