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33 Laws of Content Marketing Mastery

Content marketing has become unprecedentedly significant, partly because of the reliance on search engine optimization and partly because the virtual world is flooded with information and people are likely to find all their answers from the resources available at their disposal.

The below infographic provides a guide on how to measure your content marketing efforts and top strategies being used to increase engagement and traffic.

Content Marketing Trends

Thus, a company must engage in content marketing to have a presence in the online resources and it is through information that the company must try to create its brand awareness. Sales, marketing, advertising, promotions, brand presence and client retention are all activities that can be catered to with different kinds of content. When content becomes so important, it becomes necessary to know the laws of content marketing.

33 Laws of Content Marketing Success are not an exhaustive compilation of technical jargon and confusing statistics that aim to leave you confused and unsure of what actually needs to be done. The 33 laws are actually best practices which make content marketing more objective, impressive and effective. The right content will drive home the message and promote a company in the right manner. The wrong content will be counterproductive and the company will have to usher into a damage control mode.

The 33 laws shed light on every aspect of content marketing. What is the right content, how one should come up with the desired content, how content must be developed and put forth for the readers or potential customers, what types of content one can explore and the direct and indirect far reaching benefits of compelling content.

These laws are not out of the world nor are any of the laws a complex idea. Each law is actually a lesson that has been learnt over the years and many of these best practices have been around even before internet became a reality and online marketing became a necessity.

Content marketing success is crucial for the success of the overall branding and marketing strategies of a company. At a time when social networks, social media sites, article directories and multi-format content marketing is desirable across various types of platforms, it is only apt that a company invests a lot of time, effort and thoughts into the content development process.

Finding the right ideas and developing awesome content are not daunting challenges, provided you are open to learning, look and read around for inspiration and listen to what your customers need and have to say.

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