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75 Epic Scrum Team Names

When it comes to participating in a scrum team, being proactive and setting work agreements is one of the best places to start. Focus on the facts and deal directly with others. On certain occasions, conflict may arise. If so, seek alternatives and assign specific areas that individuals will deal with. Disagreements should also be made in private with active listening considered a key principle to function successfully. A listing of scrum team names that can be used to inspire the coordination of your own team will help to get you started sooner than later.

404 Brain Not Found
Abstruse Fouling
Abstruse Kayo
Amazing Giant Beings
Bandwidth of Brothers
Basket Tossers
Boston Flaming Goes
Brewing Java
Bunking Rascals
Code Bros
Code Fellas
Dreadful Dragons
Drive Me Sane
Easy Brats
Easy Scrum Easy Go
Epic Win
Fighting Chickens
Fragile Management
French Toast
Friendly Ass-Kickers
Handsome Buzzers
Honorable Ducks
Intense Self
Keep Calm and Sprint On
King Kong Historians
Leaders Of The Future
Let Them Loose
Like Hamburgers
Lord of the Codes
Massive Titans
Meteor Kissers
Obnoxious Pips
Perfect Hoopers
Player Machines
Playing by Boos
Red Bull
Roaring In The Deep
Scrum and Scrummer
Scrum Lords
Scrum of the Earth
Scrumdog Millionaires
Skilled Fighters
Sly Pretenders
Snakes With Triple Fangs
Soaking Screwers
Someone Else Broke it
Sporty Machos
Sprint Wireless
Strikingly Amazing
Super Baseball
Supremacy Addicts
Swinging Supermen
Team Of The Gods
Team of the Mad Cows
The A-Team
The Brave Schemers
The Bruisers
The Butt-kickers On Heat
The Cat Fighters
The Forfeiters
The Hot Babes
The MisSprints
Thunderous Mammals
Two Weeks’ Notice
United Iterations
Wishing Juniors
Woody Beasts
Yummy Treats

An explanation of how to self organize and improve the functionality of your scrum team. These tips shared by Google tech talk will help the cooperation and turnaround time of team projects.

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